Thursday, November 24, 2016


early morning by the river

Author Unknown
Perhaps we have not counted
Our blessings one by one;
Perhaps we have not bothered
Rememb’ring whence they come;
And maybe we have taken
For granted all the things
The good Lord has created,
And by His hand He brings.
The autumn hills all glorious,
A golden field of grain,
A sunset’s dazzling splendor,
The Milky Way’s great plain,
The starry sky’s sublimity,
The ocean’s mighty power,
The wonder of creation in
The petal of a flower.
If we’ve failed to clearly show
By word or act or deed
A thankful heart unto Him
Who fills our daily need,
May we show our gratitude
Today – and count the sum
Of all the blessings that we have
And name them one by one.

Although we do not generally celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, I wish those of you who do...
A happy and blessed time with family and friends!
And remember to find something everyday to be thankful for :)


  1. Oh, this is just lovely - and I'm coming very late to this post, Lynda. It is a very wonderful holiday, and I wish everybody would celebrate it.

  2. Hi Lisa - I guess I'm a bit more aware of Thanksgiving celebrations now, with my daughter living in America. I might even celebrate it myself next year :) xx

  3. One thing I am thankful for is that I happened by your blog today and found all these wonderful quotes in the sidebar! I'm always collecting quotes but you have some that are brand new to me and well worth adding to my stash.

    1. Hi Gretchen Joanna! I like quotes too :)

      Glad you've found some new ones here...and that you've found my blog! I am enjoy visiting yours too :)) xx