Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yarn Along

Catching up with Ginny again for Yarn Along...

The charity knitting group met here again on Thursday.  See previous post for photos.

So I have been busy sewing together knitted rectangles that the ladies brought into cot blankets...

Reading Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier for the Book Group I've recently joined.  They meet monthly to discuss the various books, and will be meeting on Tuesday.  I received the book late so will not have it finished, but will go along anyway and observe to get a feel for what goes on.
Have 21 crochet squares done.  Need 7 more to sew together into another blanket for charity...
I've bought a couple of books (from Book Depository) by Per Petterson having recently read his It's Fine By Me which I borrowed from the library.  He is Norwegian and I really like the way he writes and the settings so I'm looking forward to reading these two also...

Ha en god dag!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knit. Stack. Drive.

Thursday was quite the day for it....

In the morning I had the charity knitting group meeting here....

(Shirley and Neville)

(Heather, Judith-Ann and Betty)
Neville is our newest member.  He knits using chopsticks.  He whittles the points himself. Very clever!  
But you should see the looks he gets when he pulls out his knitting needles to eat Chinese food!!!  :))

I also had 3 1/2 metres of firewood delivered, which all had to be stacked in the shed. 

I probably would have taken a few days to stack it all but there was rain coming so I did it all in the one day.  Slept well that night!!
And the ta dah moment (drum roll please)....
My new car

Pretty fancy eh!
It was delivered Thursday afternoon...a Subaru XV.  Never had a new car before...or one with power steering... automatic windows...central locking...a radio that works...or a CD player :))
This morning (once I worked out where a few of the necessary buttons were...wipers/headlights, etc), I drove  to Devonport with Marnie and Denver for Denver's soccer game.
Nothing like cruising down the highway with Jason Mraz blasting out of the CD player!!
I think I could actually enjoy driving with a car like this :))
See you on the road!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A bit of a catch up....

Have had Jefferson here from Sydney for a month.  He originally came because we thought we were finalising on the house he and Natasha were buying for me, but due to council/boundary issues we terminated the contract.

We have now decided to build, and a few days ago we signed a contract on a block of land.

(Taken early one frosty morning from near the top of the block.  Click on photo to enlarge.  Mountain peak on left of photo is Quamby Bluff...a Deloraine icon)

Have also bought a new car which will be delivered next week.  Stay tuned for photos :)

I tried to get a nice photo of Jefferson and Marnie before they headed off for a bushwalk.

The result...
This is what happens to you when you live in Tasmania too long :)

So I made them pose for a slightly more normal one...
Enjoy your weekend!!


I have a bit of a fog and bare tree obsession, and this morning I remembered to take my camera with me on my early morning river walk.  Here's what I saw...

And in keeping with my current obsession...I've also changed the photo at the top of my blog (in case you hadn't noticed).
Only a few weeks till it's officially spring here, so I'm making the most of my love of winter.
(Apologies if you are not a fog/tree fan.)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

While the mice are away...

...the cat gets to play...

Marnie has gone to Victoria for a 3 day bush walk with a friend.

Jefferson and Denver have gone to the East Coast for an overnight bushwalk.

I had church this morning, got a couple of letters written this afternoon and a river walk.  We had lots of rain last week and the river walk track was under water so I'll have to double up with my walks over the next couple of days to catch up :)

Going to watch THIS DVD tonight (from the library).

And listening to THIS CD of Jason Mraz.  I think it's my favourite of his.

Still working on my crocheted blanket squares for charity.  I've finished 14 x 10" squares so far and really enjoy working with all the different colours and having the satisfaction of using up much of my 8 ply acrylic yarn stash...

And still reading this wonderful book that I mentioned in my previous post.
ha en bra dag!