Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.

Enjoying reading another Frances Mayes book, imagining I'm sitting in the warm Italian sun (rather than looking out at a grey rainy day),  and sewing together my granny squares for a baby blanket...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Tasmania is traditionally known as The Apple Isle, because there are lots of apples grown here particularly down south in the Huon Valley area.

I have lots of apples growing in the backyard of my rental house.  Red ones....

And green ones...
They have been espaliered along the side fence but have not had any attention or pruning done to them for a few years.  They are overloaded with apples, unfortunately also with codling moth (but I just cut those bits out).
There are 3 varieties:  granny smith, golden delicious and a red variety I don't know the name of.
The granny smith are still too green to eat (I tried one this morning) but the golden delicious are ready so I cooked some up today to eat with my quinoa, goat yoghurt and honey that I have for breakfast every morning. 
 It was so nice to be able to pick them off the tree and bring inside and cook up. 
 Can't get much fresher than that!! 
I think the red variety are not quite ready yet either.  And the best thing is they have not had sprays or pesticides used on them (hence the pests!!)
Looks like I won't need to buy apples for awhile :)
Also finally made the lemon poppy seed loaf using quinoa flour that I mentioned at the end of THIS post.
It's nice... but the texture and flavour are a bit different than normal wheat flour.  I have another recipe using wheat flour which I will try also.  I do love the taste of the poppy seeds and lemon together.
And I'm getting back to basics reading my Grass Roots magazine...
Have a happy and productive day!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


It's autumn favourite season.

This morning when I went on my walk it was just getting light.  I need to go early so I can get back in time to get Marnie and Denver up for work and school.

We are still on daylight saving time for another couple of weeks, then we will be back to 'normal' time, so the mornings will be a bit lighter for awhile until the shorter winter days arrive, and with them the frosts.  Then I walk later in the morning as the early morning paths are too slippery with ice.

It was quite chilly this morning, but the up side was I (and other early morning walkers that I pass) got to see an amazing sunrise.

This morning was spectacular...pinks, purples, oranges...all across the sky!!
(sorry no photo...didn't take my camera). 

And in keeping with the quiet, reflective calmness of the season (and this is also the season of Lent), I picked up some quiet reads at the library on Saturday...

And I'm listening to this quiet music...beautiful harp and voice by Christina Sonnemann...

My crochet is not so quiet, but rather loud in colour. (We all need some colour in our lives!!) 
These are adult hats I've made to sell in one of the craft shops in Deloraine...

And I've just finished these two for children/babies...
 Also these baby blankets.  All the hats and blankets are in pure wool which I love working with.  Just need to get my act together and get them to the shop...

It's really quiet time now.

Bedtime :))

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Thursday

I am re-reading this classic book Simple Living by Jose Hobday. 

I read it at least once a year.

Helps me re-focus my priorities...

Also still knitting blanket squares for charity.

(8 ply wool, 4mm needles, 40 stitches, 80 rows)

I've knitted 15 squares so far...

Keeping it simple today :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stop Look Listen

Picked up this book by Eckhart Tolle at the library on Saturday:

 I've ordered some more of his books from the library, but here's a few excerpts from this one.  Some thoughts I need to take to heart. (If you want to enlarge the photos just click on them)

Stop. I've been told I think too much and too deeply...

And I'm always looking for a reason behind everything rather than just accepting the now....

And asking too many questions....

I need to enjoy life and not try to analyse it all the time....

Look.  Half way through Citizen Vince by Jess Walter (that I picked up at the op shop) and will then start the Wiley Cash book from the library...

Listen.  To the amazing Van Morrison...Van the Man....


Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Chooky Dancers

Saw a segment on TV recently about this group of aboriginal dancers from Elcho Island off the coast of the Northern Territory in the north of Australia.

Here's a bit about their HISTORY.

I thought you might enjoy their YouTube video as much as I did :))

(turn up the volume and watch it full screen)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mennonite Conference Deloraine Tasmania

The Mennonite Church here in Deloraine are holding their conference next weekend 8-9 March.

You would be very welcome if you wished to attend.

For more info, phone Harold Weaver on (03) 6362 3609
M: 0467042065.

Maybe I'll see you there :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not only...but also. And the rest...

 Ben and Hayley made a flying visit from Brisbane for a few days.

Not only did we make a day trip to the Great Lake ...

The boys (Denver and Ben)

( The mother and son)

But also...went out for dinner...
Mug shot - me, Hayley, Marnie, Ben.
(Denver was our photographer)

And the rest?

This was my pick up from the library this morning...
I don't know when I think I'm going to get the time to read them!!
 I'm still reading this one!  It's good (and I will finish it), but not riveting...

And I succumbed!  After borrowing some episodes of Northern Exposure from the library recently (having watched it on TV 'way back when') I knew they were keepers, so I bought the whole series :) 
Not only are they great entertainment (I watch an episode most nights), but I am also getting my geography lesson for when I visit Alaska mid 2015!! (Surprise!!!)

And I'm listening to this blast from the past... Joan Armatrading...
I'd forgotten how much I liked her music.
OK...enough said...
Enjoy your weekend friends!!