Sunday, March 31, 2019

Weekend Words

 The window in the Chapel at the Aged Care Facility in Deloraine


It wasn't always so;
A heart that was soft and pliable
And heard the Master's voice.
Many years it went its own way,
Despite professing to trust and obey.

But it was in control,
And would not heed the Master's promptings.
So the Master brought it low,
To crush its independence.

It kicked and fought
And snapped and snarled,
But the Master held His hand
Upon its struggling form.
Till eventually it quieted,
And rested in its place.
To turn from its own way,
And gaze into His face.

It's for your own good He said,
I know which way is best,
You only have to trust in Me,
And I will do the rest.

(LHK - 2009)

Fresh flowers are brought for church each week by one of the congregation

Friday, March 29, 2019

Fire, Food, Fog and Family

In summer my wood heater looks like this...

Now it looks like this...
I've moved my plants into the hall near my front door

And when I light it of an evening, it looks like this...

Now the food bit...
For the last 6? years I've been eating quinoa (with stewed fruit and yoghurt) for breakfast.  But even I (Little Miss Routine) am up for a change eventually.  So recently I decided to try buckwheat.  Actually I'm eating half and half at the moment. Have to make these changes gradually :)) ...
 buckwheat on the left, quinoa on the right

I cook it the same way I cook the quinoa.  Rinse, add twice as much water to buckwheat, bring to boil and then simmer till water is absorbed.

Then enjoy with stewed fruit (spiced apple), sheep yoghurt, and a couple of strawberries from the garden (the ones the birds didn't find)...

This morning I got to walk in fog...YAY!!!

Autumn is in the air!

Jefferson has bagged this blanket for Jaya's nursery, so will get it in the mail on Monday...

After a few false starts looking for some light reading, I pulled this one (ex library) off my book shelves last night, and am enjoying (again) it's simplicity and sweetness...

Hayley has requested some beanies for Hazel...
 Hazel by the creek (with stick)

I already had a small crocheted beanie in my stash, but not sure if it will be big enough, so knitting one to add to it, and hopefully get them in the mail on Monday also...

I think I've earnt a cup of tea and a lie down knit and read.

It's raining outside, so I'm going to light the wood heater and cosy in for the afternoon.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Weekend Words

The Little Yellow Blessing Box

When Darrell visited recently one of his wood projects he gave me was a little yellow painted and decoupaged box.  I've been trying to decide what to use it for, but now I know...

A Bible Blessing Box!

As I come across inspirational verses in my readings, I will write the Bible reference on a small piece of card and put it in the box and each day I will randomly pick one out, look it up and write it down (and maybe put on my fridge with a magnet).  I will put maybe 30 verse references in the box at a time, and change/renew them each month with another 30/31.

I've already got some verses picked out, just need to get the references written on the card and the card cut up.

One of my all time favourite verses is Micah 6:8

Do you have a favourite verse/verses?

Read this little poem today:

God is in every tomorrow
Therefore, I live for today,
Certain of finding at sunrise
Guidance and strength for the day.
Peace for each moment of weakness,
Hope for each moment of pain,
Comfort for every sorrow,
Sunshine and joy after rain.

Natasha sent this photo through today to our family group chat and I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Don't you just love it!!
from somewhere in England

I hope you are finding beauty in your days!


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Keeping busy

Watching the clouds floating by outside my kitchen window today as I was eating lunch...

My load of firewood was delivered on Monday...

I've been stacking it over the last 2 days...
 all safely under cover in the woodshed now

 A change of plans today when a trip was cancelled, so I got to put in some time in the garden...
 the greengage plum tree is all bare now

And I've been putting a row of bricks at the base of my side fence where there was a gap...
my jasmine is finally starting to climb, and I still need to plant out my pots of English lavender and sage

Last Friday one of my pen pals (Darrell) from the US was in Burnie on an Aussie Cities Cruise, so I drove up to meet him and brought him back to Deloraine to show him around town...
I drove 400kms that day!!

He kindly brought me some of his painted wooden projects as gifts...
working on where to put them, but have decided what I will use the little yellow box for (stay tuned...)

And an update on the newest grandbaby... week old now and sleeping peacefully

And some brotherly bonding...
 Rafe (4) loving his baby brother 

Finally finished off the 3rd baby jumper...
These are all packaged up now to go to KOGO

Picked up this Maeve Binchy book I had reserved from the library today and looking forward to some light reading...
crocheting another lap blanket and listening to some relaxing music

It's very dry here, and the river is quite low, but it doesn't seem to be worrying the ducks...

And on that note, I will take my leave, make a cup of tea, and start my latest read...and probably fall asleep :))


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Weekend Words

He's Waiting!

Sometimes we cannot see the end
Of trials and troubles that He sends.

But does He?

Or is it our free will,
that causes us to struggle still?

If we would quiet our troubled hearts,
And listen to what He imparts;
Would our trials and struggles last,
Continue on and hold us fast?
Or would we know He's in control,
And rest in Him and quiet our soul.

He longs to bless our troubled way.
Give Him control of each new day!

(Lynda Helen Kay 2010)

St James Presbyterian Church, Stanley, Tasmania

Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's a boy!!

Jefferson and Anushka's son arrived yesterday...

Welcome to the world baby Jaya...
Jaya Lee Taylor
3.03kg = 6.68lbs
51cm = 20.08"

Mother and baby (and father) doing well.  Unfortunately Rafe (their 4 year old) was with Anushka's parents, so will get a 'full family' pic soon, but I believe, when he visited, that he was quite intrigued by his new baby brother :)

And on the home front...

Finished this lap blanket...
 Using up yarn I had, but I think the colour combination turned out really pretty

As well as the books I mentioned in my Yarn Along post, and am still reading, I also have Boundaries on the go...
 an oldie but a goodie...very interesting

And these three will go on the bookshelf for winter reading...

I read this quote recently:

"Christ was never in a hurry.
There was no rushing forward, no anticipating, no fretting over what might be.
Each days duties were done as every day brought them, and the rest was left to God."

- Mary Slessor

enjoying my early morning river walk yesterday


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Weekend Words

God in the small things.

Much of yesterday and even early this morning, I searched amongst my wool stash for a small amount of knitting yarn exactly the shade of green I needed to finish off a knitted square for a blanket the ladies in our knitting group are putting together for one of our members who is going into hospital for an operation.

I had 3 or 4 shades of green, but they just didn't quite match.  I had just about given up after becoming quite frustrated at not having even a small amount of the colour I needed among all my bits and pieces of yarn.

I had decided I would just have to put that square aside and not use it until I could get to the wool store and try and match the colour.

But when I brought God into it.....I got results :)

I said to God in despondency "Lord.....I only need a little bit!"  and immediately, my eyes fell on a bag of yarn scraps (which I was sure I'd looked in before), and there in the bottom was just enough of the exact colour I needed!

Who says God is not interested in our everyday, small things!  I felt so blessed, privileged and special, that He would take the time to help me find that 'small thing'.

May you also be aware of how He blesses you in the small things!

And don't forget to thank Him!!

(Lynda Helen Kay 2009)

And another small thing...

Yesterday I was in need of a particular Christian book that I felt would help me work through some current issues I'm needing to deal with.  I took a walk down to the supermarket to pick up a few things, and popped into the Salvo's (Salvation Army thrift shop) just before closing.  And there on the shelf was the book...and only $3!!

Way to go God!!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

March Yarn Along

For Yarn Along this month

Working on a blanket for charity...

 Continuing to read (as my bedtime book), and enjoy, Sunlight through Dusty Windows.
And started Respectable Sins as my daytime read.

Bought some extra yarn to start another 'green granny' blanket...

Picking more beans from the garden...

Made some jam drop cookies...
to have with my coffee

Baked a loaf of Irish soda bread...
warm from the oven and spread with my greengage plum jam - Yum!

The weather has finally cooled down, the trees are showing their autumn colours and losing leaves, and I am enjoying our autumn days.


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weekend Words

God's Blanket.

This morning on the beach I was walking in fog. I love walking in the fog. It's like being wrapped in a big blanket. There was no wind, and what I could see of the water was like glass. I seem to be able to centre my thoughts much more in the fog. Not so many external sights to distract me. My thoughts turn inward. And they were certainly in overdrive this morning.

I got to thinking about life and how often we can feel like we are walking in the the greyness of life. When we focus on our problems and trials, life can seem very grey and depressing, but it's then, that we need to lift our eyes.

As I walked, focusing on where I was stepping and the sand in front of me, I looked up to the eastern horizon and I could see a slight lifting and clearing of the fog over the water, and the brightness of a clear day shining through behind the line of hills on the other side of the bay. That lightness and brightness was there, but if I had not looked up, I would not have seen it.

God is there in our trials and 'greyness of life', but sometimes we get so bogged down in them, that we forget to lift our eyes and look to God (Psalm 121:1-2). He gives us times of brightness and joy even amidst the heaviest of burdens if we will lift our eyes to Him.

I always carry at least one plastic supermarket bag with me, and on my way back along the beach I pick up rubbish - metal, cans, plastic, glass, bottles, etc. - and when I get to the council rubbish bin back at the start of my beach walk I dump it all in there. We collect 'rubbish' and burdens – anger, bitterness, guilt, regret, sorrow, etc. - as we walk though life. Don't collect them all and carry them home with you. Dump them in God's rubbish bin of the past (Hebrews 8:12).

What I noticed as I walked back along the beach was that the lightness and brightness on the eastern horizon had gone and it was all greyness there again. But the fog in my immediate area seemed to have dispersed and I could see more of my closer surroundings of sand, sea and sandhills although further away was still greyness.

So, maybe in your foggy, grey day, or period in life, God is wrapping a big blanket of His love around you. Try snuggling down and resting in it awhile :) Then, as we go back into our world of commitments and difficult situations, after spending time wrapped in God's blanket, we can take some of that love with us.

Just as God lifted the heaviness and fog from my closer surroundings, may I be able to take some of His brightness and lighten some-one else's day. And although the past and future may still seem grey and foggy, we can live each day in the light of God's love (1 John 1:5).

(Lynda Helen Kay 2011) 
(written during my 2 year sojourn in Stanley)

Friday, March 1, 2019

Another one bites the dust...

What?  Friday already?!?

And the first day of March!  Our official start of autumn, although we are supposed to get 31C today and tomorrow, and I heard on the news last night that this summer has been Tasmania's hottest and driest on record.  Global warming perhaps...?!?

So.  Lets see.  What did I do this week...

Drove just out of town to the plant stall we visited last week...
Quamby Bluff in the distance

I'd seen these plants on our previous visit, and have since decided I liked them so luckily they were still there...
 They are ribbon plants, or curly spider plants.  I have some of the 'not curly', but thought these were a bit different.  And if you read the link, apparently fluoride (which is in our town water) is not good for them (is it good for anyone??), so I guess I'll be watering them with my filtered drinking water :)

Finished the baby blanket!  Now to get it in the due in 2 weeks!!

Made Apricot Chicken...
 only 3 doesn't get much simpler!

And served it with brown rice and lots of vegies...

Also baked some Anzac biscuits...

To munch on while crocheting another charity blanket and reading Sunlight through Dusty Windows.
I'm in Anabaptist mode at the moment and enjoying books by Amish/Mennonite women.  True stories by 'real' Amish/Mennonites.

And I'm dreaming of cool weather and more foggy mornings like on my walk one day this week...

Did you notice I changed my header photo?  In anticipation of cooler days.   
It was taken the same day as this one above.

On his same day, I walked past a man sitting on one of the seats down by the river, and said to him, "Don't you love the fog?!?!"  And he just looked at me (like I was weird?) and said, "Not really."

Oh.  Ok.

Hope you're getting some of what you love :))