Wednesday, February 25, 2015


P is for... Helena Frith Powell...  I'm reading her book Two Lipsticks and a Lover.  It's interesting, informative...and very funny!!

I'm in French mode at the moment (will do a separate post about it soon), reading lots of books about France/the French from the library, and will attempt to learn the language (or some of) this year.

And listening to my French CD by Carla Bruni...  No idea what she's singing, but lovely voice and music :))

Q is for...   quinoa breakfast. 

Which I have been eating...every morning... for the past 12 months!!

I wrote a post about it HERE.  It's still the same :))  although sometimes I also add stewed rhubarb or fresh blueberries!!

R is for...  road trip.

To my friend Brenda's...for her birthday luncheon!  Catching up with 'the girls' again, and meeting some new ones...
(the girls)

(the birthday girl Brenda)

We played 'pass the parcel' (as you do)...and guess who won!?!?

And look what I won!!  One of Brenda's miniature paintings!!!  The actual painting is only 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and so pretty!  I have it hanging on the wall above my coffee machine, so I get to enjoy it 'up close' every day when I make my coffee...
(Spring in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens)
S is for...   Soup...Lentil soup... which I've just made a big pot of...
(if you click on the photo it will bring it up larger and you should be able to read it)
T is for...  Trug...  given to me 20? years ago by my French friend Florence, when she and her family lived here in Tasmania...
seen here with some of my garden tools and the dirt I enjoy digging in :))
Au revoir mes amis!

Monday, February 2, 2015


K is for Knitting...Charity Knitting.

Not that I've been doing any!  The group is in recess till March, but some of the ladies have been knitting at home...squares and rectangles for blankets.  I think we have enough squares for quite a few blankets, so will be enlisting the ladies to help sew them together...

L is for Lamott...Anne  Lamott.

My author 'of the moment'.  Read Travelling Mercies last year, and have almost finished Rosie (from the library)'s sooo good!! 

Have the recently arrived Bird by Bird and Grace (Eventually) to read next (from Book Depository). 

Love her writings!!  Funny...serious...witty...deep...profound...and all things in between...

M is for Market...Farmer's Market.

After a bit of a glitch a few months ago, the fortnightly Farmers Market is getting back into full swing.

( Love getting my fresh vegies...and sourdough bread...)

N is for Love Nordic BlogSpot. 

My 'blog of the moment'...

O is for Ok...I can't really think of an O subject...


Oh...I love this painting...that I bought recently...  Painted by Bec from Brush Rabbit...

(It's big...90cm x 120cm)
(Fits right in with my Nordic theme, and will look Oh so Nice in my new house...eventually...)
Off to read Rosie...
Night! Night!!