Saturday, December 6, 2014

The B post

Picked up a bounty of books from the library today...

 This one I bought...from Book Depository
 Beautiful photos and really interesting (you thought I was going to say boring didn't you!!) text...
And these are my boys (grandboys) in Texas...
(Dylan, Oliver, Zak)
(Oliver, Dylan, not one of mine, Zak)
Had the bible study ladies here last week for our Christmas break up lunch...
 (Shirley, Jenny, Maree, Betty, Cherry, and half of Dora)

(Cherry, Dora, Valerie and Pat)
We are having (road kill) duck for dinner tonight thanks to Phil's driving skills (or lack thereof), cooked in the slow cooker with onion, red wine, rosemary, and orange.
bonne chère !!