Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Here in Australia I'm actually a day late, but for you folk in the northern hemisphere I think it is still Christmas Day.  I had wanted to get this letter on a week ago but time got the better of me.  The family (Marnie and Denver - who are still in the process of moving to their own house, and Ben and Hayley - who are visiting from Brisbane, Queensland) have gone to the movies, and although the house looks like a cyclone has been through I decide to sit down and get this message to you all.
*Marnie and Denver decorated the gingerbread house :o)*

So following is a copy of my 'Christmas Letter' which I managed to get mailed to some, but for those I didn't, you might like to read about what has been keeping me busy this last year.  I have hopes of updating my blog more regularly in 2013.  Merry Christmas and God bless you!

Lynda's 2012 Christmas Letter

Dear family and friends - I can hardly believe another year is over...but then I say that every year!!

It's been a rather busy and eventful one for me. The year started with me still living in Stanley and still waiting on a court decision re. the property settlement case with Kerry. The magistrate finally handed down his decision in March but unfortunately the amount I was awarded was not enough to enable me to buy my own home. It took till June to see it all finalised, but I was so glad it was all over after dragging on for 3 years.

In May/June I had a visit to Brisbane to see Marnie and Denver, Ben and Hayley.

And in July I moved to Deloraine!

Natasha came down from Sydney for a few days to help me with the move. I was moving from a furnished apartment to a small unfurnished house, so did not have too much to move, but it was nice to see her as she and the family have now gone to Bangkok, Thailand to live and work for a couple of years.

In August Marnie and Denver came from Brisbane to stay with me. Marnie was undecided if it would be a temporary move or permanent, but she has finally decided (I think) that they will stay in Deloraine. She is in the process of looking for a rental for her and Denver. It was nice to have them here...but it will be nice to have my home back again too :o)

I was able to rent a small, near new 2 bedroom house and have gradually been furnishing it with some new and some secondhand furniture.

Although I liked living in Stanley and miss the beach a little bit (if I think about it too much) and some good friends I made, I think my move to Deloraine has been a good one. Stanley was very isolated geographically - only 1 bus out and 1 bus in each day, 20 minutes drive to nearest town with needed facilities, and a 3 hour drive to the airport. I am now living in a very picturesque town with all facilities, and only a 1/2 hour drive to Launceston (Tasmania's second largest city) and a 40 minute drive to the airport. Deloraine is a very 'english' town, with the Meander river running through it and surrounded by mountains (which have snow on them in winter), lovely old houses, lots of pretty deciduous trees and beautiful gardens (the roses are out at the moment!).

I go for a 40 minute walk around the river walk track most mornings, and have found a weekly ladies bible study to attend.

I am also enjoying fellowshipping with the Mennonite folk here (another reason for moving to Deloraine). Mennonite's are of the Anapabtist faith (like the Amish) . The church is only new, but we have around 25 folk attending most sundays. Most are from Canada and have come to help set up the church here (and hopefully be able to stay permanently) as the Mennonite faith is quite new to Australia. If you'd like to know more about the church or Mennonite faith feel free to contact me ( I also post about it (among other things) on my blog (

I have been selling some of my crafts (mostly knitted and crocheted items) here as I did in Stanley. Some to a craft shop in Oatlands, and I also have some in a craft/garden shop here in Deloraine.

May you know the peace and love of God this Christmas season and always!

much love, Lynda xx

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.