Friday, August 9, 2013

Long time no post!

Hello friends!  Sorry I haven't updated here for quite some time (thank you Bean for your concern...all is well...just busyness keeping me away).
This will just be a quick one as well, as I have to go pick Denver up from the school bus soon.
Still getting organised in this house, being bigger and older means more to clean and try and keep tidy, plus Marnie's  health is still not too good so much of my time is spent caring for her and Denver.
Also had eldest daughter Natasha and 3 boys here from Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks and son Jefferson here from Sydney for a few days during that time too.  Lovely to see them all, but as you can imagine it was quite a busy time :o)
Getting back to my normal (?) routine now.  We've had lots of rain (it is the middle of winter so to be expected) and the river has been in flood.  Unfortunately I don't usually take my camera with me when I go walking but will try and get you a few photos soon.
And because you all like photos :o) are a few to tide you over.... 
This is the lap blanket I am working on at the moment.  Using up random 8 ply acrylic yarn I have left over from various projects and adding in some beige/fawn yarn (which I bought ) every second round.  It's coming along nicely....

Reading this book (which I picked up at the op shop yesterday).  I am enjoying it so far.  It's set in the backwoods  mountains of America in the early 1900 ( a setting I like - the country backwoods and the era) about a family of midwives. And as I'm interested in herbs I'm enjoying the reference to them throughout the book. 

And one of the charities I knit for has requested baby cardigans, so have started knitting one from this variegated yarn I had.  I had actually knitted it up into a garter stitch diagonal baby blanket, but didn't really like it when finished, so undid it all and will knit some cardigans and jumpers from it.

that's all folks....
It sounds like I spend all my days knitting, crocheting and reading (I wish!), but you don't really want to hear me moaning and grumbling about the reality of my days do you?? ... :o)
Gotta go...
Will try and get back sooner rather than later.  xx