Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank you Bianca

Bianca took the time to write this lovely comment to my post about possibly closing my blog.  I've copied it here for those of you who don't read the comments:

Hi Lynda,

Your blog and Christian journey has been a real pleaure to relate to, and I have always loved the plain & pleasant appearance of your site & I must say, at times it's been a sprig of good medicine for your thoughts & pretty photos remind me to slow down. Mostly, I want to wish you the very BEST in all important things! You are so lovely, just the best and wonderful Luck! have inspired me to take more walks in parks & to keep up my faith and if you decide to go for some time ...please come back in Spring!

love Bianca

And in my reply to Bianca I wrote that if my blog makes a difference (and is an encouragement) to even one person, then maybe it is worth keeping it going!

So it looks like I'll stay around for awhile :o)

We get the keys to the new place tomorrow.  Some men from church are helping us move the heavy furniture on Saturday and Marnie and I will move the rest in our cars.

Will try and get back next week with another update. xx

Saturday, June 15, 2013


...but will I? ...go?

Trying to decide whether to close my blog.

 Seems I'm not alone in this dilemma as a few blogger friends seem to be having similar thoughts.

Will be moving house in a couple of weeks.  Marnie, Denver and I will be sharing a house together.  We have separate place at the moment (both of which are too small for us to combine in) so we are moving to a bigger house a couple of blocks from where I am now.

What with caring for Marnie (with her ongoing health problems) and looking after Denver, I don't really have time to keep this blog up.  I also question the relevance of it (when I would prefer to write letters) so think I may close it for awhile and maybe open it again after we get resettled and when spring arrives in a couple of months.

Also not with the Mennonite church now.  Did go back for a few weeks, but couldn't settle there.  Feel I need a church that is not so 'inward focused', but has more outreach into the community.

So ... I'm back with the Baptists! 

Will just have to see how it goes.

A bit of an update for you.  Will think on the blogging question over the next week and let you all know what I decide. xx