Saturday, December 30, 2017

Getting it together...

...over coffee, sourdough and a new mag...

 care to join me? the kitchen...
 banana and walnut loaf

...stitching it up...
decided to leave it as is...with cream as final row


Oh...and in case you missed it...I changed my header photo!  I loved my foggy pic, but it is summer here, so I thought I'd better acknowledge it.

Roll on autumn!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And Afterwards

It's all over now (baby blue)...

Getting back to routine:
Walk/run - check
Exercises - check
Shower - check
Breakfast - check
Grass Dandelions mowed - check
Coffee - check

Just finished reading Lagom, really enjoyed it, and found myself smiling...
(the coffee and Castello Blue on sourdough I was also enjoying at the time could have had something to do with it)
Still working on the 'colourful' blanket...
Added a row of cream around each square.  Still too bright!  Hmm. 
Reading an Ann Cleeves book (from the Vera series)...
Listening to: Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver
And...yesterday we went to the sea...
 East Devonport

 walked in the water

sunlight on sand
just because
Watched a cargo ship go out...
And to finish.  Your bit of humour for the day...
Marnie sent me this
She has a cat
So she knows

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Christmas Walk

After lunch (roast turkey and vegies) Marnie, Denver, Crazy Dog and I went for a walk.  We walked 'the wild side'...away from the river paths and caravan park...and people...


Marnie, Denver and Crazy Dog

 Denver...doing what boys do

bored yet?
Then we came home for dessert...Pavlova.
So that was Christmas.
You northern hemisphere folk have still got it to look forward to.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Christmas song

My favorite Christmas song - O Holy Night
My favorite version - Josh Groban
Crank up the volume...close your eyes...and listen

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Christmas post

Lo! in the silent night a child to God is born,
And all is brought again that ere was lost or lorn.
Could but thy soul, O man, become a silent night
God would be born in thee and set all things aright.
(Angelus Silesius)

 A time to rest, relax and reflect.
Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and joy-filled Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday on my mind

Nothing like starting the week off on a bright note...

A tad too bright for me.  Will try a row of cream around each square to tone it down.

And if that was a bit jarring on the senses, try these:

 Some cloud cover this morning on my walk (Yay!)...

 Always love this view.  So wild and uninhabited...


Picked up this Suspects dvd at the library...

Apparently most of the dialogue is improvised.  It was very good.  Unfortunately the library only has Series 2.

And as I was a good girl and mowed the rest of the lawns this morning (that I didn't get done last week), I've earned myself a lunch date with a friend :)

Enjoy your day!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hitting the wall

More like a cross roads really.  Again.

If you've been following my blog you will know that when I first moved to Deloraine (4 years ago) I was attending the Conservative  Mennonite church.  Fellowshipped with them for about 6 months before deciding it wasn't for me. 

You can read my thoughts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Best to read in order.  And the comments at the end of the posts are interesting too.

Since then I've been attending another church which closed down earlier in the year (due to lack of numbers) and the Mennonites moved into the biulding (they had previously been meeting at the Seventh-day Adventist church). 
So I decided to give them another try. I really enjoy their church service (bible study, message, singing) but after 6 months I start to feel hemmed in again.  Like I am being squeezed into a mould the wrong shape.  Anyway...suffice to say...I've decide it's not for me. Again. (Some of us are slow learners.)
I feel like a hypocrite because I don't really live that lifestyle 24/7 as they do.
And I really don't want to, because there is a lot of good stuff in the world and I think we need to use our own judgement on things, and that choice is basically taken away from you with the Mennonite church.  
The church has definitely grown and some Australian families have joined, so I can see a future for the them here.  I think it is the first Conservative Mennonite church in Australia. And they are lovely people.

But I can't do it...

So here I stand...
Ever the fringe dweller.
What we all need is Lagom...
(it got much better reviews on UK Amazon than US - but read it and judge for yourself)

the journey continues...

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What is this thing called 'the cinema'?

Having not been to the cinema for 15? years, it seems like a new invention.  The last movie I saw was Pearl Harbour! (How sad is that ?!?)

So...last Saturday Marnie txt me and said "can we do something fun today?"  So we settled on the cinema, and as The Disaster Artist was on in Launceston, and I had seen a trailer and thought it might be good,  I chose it.  There's a trailer HERE if you haven't already seen one.

The downside was all the swearing, but I tried to overlook it, because the upside was a good movie!
My sort of offbeat humour, but it could also be view at a deeper level and although it was kind of funny and quirky in parts there was also the pain and sadness of the lead character (Tommy). 
The conclusion?  He who perseveres wins!!
Not everyone's cup of tea perhaps? 
So...we've decided it will be a regular thing.  Hopefully more regular than every 15 years or I might not make the next one!  And Denver gets to pick next.  I'm thinking he will pick the new Star Wars movie, and I will be totally lost because I haven't seen any of the previous ones!

And following on from my last post and the retro blanket, I've started...

Not sure whether to leave the orange as the final round, or edge with white (actually it's cream).  Will decide when I've done a bit more.  Doing 4 of each colour combination (2 x cream centres, 3 x random colours, 1 x orange). 
Went for my walk early, early, as it's hot, hot, again, so the rest of the lawn mowing will need to wait. 
 Oh dear...guess I'll just have to sit and crochet!
Such is life.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A day in the life...

Finished the blue/green/white lap blanket.  It will probably be for my bedroom...unless I decide to give it away.  How many crocheted blankets does a person need?!?!

Reading The Barefoot Investor.  The barefoot bit was easy.  Still working on the investment bit...

After seeing this photo in a magazine (frankie) I thought I'd like to do a retro granny blanket next...

So bought some yarn when in Launceston yesterday...
May introduce some white too

I have a headache today (rain is coming).  I've been for my early morning walk/run and mowed half the lawns before it got too hot, but might make a start on my blanket now.  May need to put my sunglasses on to work on it though!

Here's your 'lightbulb' moment for today...
                                                          (this one's for Jefferson)

And what would life be without an introvert joke...

If life gets boring...just change your mind!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What a cutie!!

and the koala's not bad either :)
Daughter in law Hayley volunteers at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  She works with the koalas.  She and Ben visited some of her 'babies' recently.  Thought you might like to see some of the photos she sent me...
The little koala above with Ben is Snow.  She is just over a year old and is being introduced to the photo shoots at the Sanctuary.
 this is Rogue...typical male :))

and this is Bunker and Jamie
A little taste of Australia!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Putting pen to paper...

or finger to keypad...whichever you prefer...

I've just joined a penpal site.  Global Penfriends.  It's great!  And free!!

Check it out if you'd like to make new friends.  So far I've made penfriends in Australia (Victoria and Queensland) and Finland.  Some like to snail mail, some email.  Whichever way, it's nice to meet new people and learn about their life, interests and country.
And I am not being paid for this endorsement :))