Sunday, February 7, 2021

Weekend Words

From Be Still and Know... 

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1)

This is a Psalm of comfort and trust for a life filled with trouble.  When problems arise and discouragements come, when there is no human source of help, we have the promise that God is "our refuge", "our strength", and "our help".

Refuge is defined as "shelter from danger or distress."  The Lord Jesus Christ IS our refuge today (present tense).  Hidden in the hollow of His all-mighty hand, we have a shelter that is safe and secure.  This refuge is not a place where we escape from the situation and circumstances of life, but is a protection for us in the midst of them.

Not only is the Lord our refuge in time of trouble, but our strength to endure it.  When we realize our limited strength is not sufficient, we discover He has a never ending supply of strength on which we can draw.  "And as thy days, so shall thy strength be" (Deuteronomy 33:25)

He is also our help in trouble.  Whatever our need may be, He wants us to know that, "I AM, right now, this very moment, not only your help in trouble, but a PRESENT help."  It has been said, "It sometimes takes trouble for God to get our attention."

When we become Christians, we often assume our days of trouble are over.  Soon we discover this is not true.  God has a purpose to accomplish through difficulties in our lives.  Some lessons can only be learnt through trouble.

We are proved and tested in this way.  "A very present and WELL PROVED HELP in trouble" (Psalm 46:1 Amplified).  "A TESTED help in times of trouble" (LB).  It has been said, "Trouble is His vote of confidence in us."

He is a "well-proved help", a "tested help".  Are you testing and proving Him as your own personal refuge, strength, and help in your problems and trials of today?

There is a poem that begins,"He's helping me now, this moment, in ways that I know and I know not."  He is our help today, whatever our day.

He's Helping Me Now

He's helping me now--this moment,
Though I may not see it or hear,
Perhaps by a friend far distant,
Perhaps by a stranger near,
Perhaps by a spoken message
Perhaps by the printed word;
In ways that I know and know not
I have the help of the Lord.

He's keeping me now--this moment,
However I need it most,
Perhaps by a single angel,
Perhaps by a mighty host,
Perhaps by the chain that frets me,
Or the walls that shut me in;
In ways that I know or know not
He keeps me from harm and sin.

He's guiding me now--this moment,
In pathways easy or hard,
Perhaps by a door wide open,
Perhaps by a door fast barred,
Perhaps by a joy withholden
Perhaps by a gladness given;
In ways that I know and know not,
He's leading me up to heaven.

He's using me now--this moment,
And whether I go or stand,
Perhaps by a plan accomplished
Perhaps when he stays my hand,
Perhaps by a word in season
Perhaps by a silent prayer;
In ways that I know and know not,
His labor of love I share.

--Annie Johnson Flint


  1. I really want to copy that poem.

  2. That poem says it! I'll have to copy that - it's all so true.

  3. Vicki and Lisa, you can copy and paste it from my blog if you don't want to write it out. It's also on the internet :) xx

  4. It is way way too long since I have visited your blog. Such wise words thank you.