Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Birthday Post


Had a birthday last week...

see the macrame flower Marnie made for me :)

 Marnie and Denver took me out for lunch, and then we came back here for the cake...
Marnie made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

we didn't have any birthday candles so had to improvise :))

A parcel arrived with lovely yarn in it from Jefferson and Anushka...
haven't decided what I will make with it yet

And the yarn I ordered from Bendigo Woollen Mills (as mentioned in previous post) also arrived...
not sure if I will use the gold (it's actually a darker shade than shows here), but knitted up a test square (going to make them about 5 1/2"/14cms) and was originally going to sew them together randomly, but think I might make the blanket up in an Amish patchwork/quilt pattern.  Will knit the squares, and then decide.  Plenty to keep my hands busy over winter :)

Finished reading What Money Can't Buy last night.  Really enjoyed it...
and still working my way through the Amy Carmichael book

Felt like a change of pace, so started another David Baldacci book.  I really like his style of writing, and also the droll humour of the main character (Amos Decker)...
and knit myself another beanie on the weekend.  I wear them a lot - summer and winter :)

At the river one day this week...

And this morning...

So many butterflies in my garden this afternoon...
but they were constantly flitting here and there and it was hard to get a photo of them

This week's quote :)

"On the brink of every ending is a new beginning: if we keep our hearts open to possibilities, each transition brings joy we might never have known otherwise."

- Linda Frost Raha



  1. Happy Birthday Lynda! Things are looking lovely in your little oasis. We have moved back to the Maryborough house

    1. Thanks Sharm! Yes...I saw the update on your blog (and commented). Hope you are settled in and happy back in Maryborough :) xx

  2. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a very good day indeed!

    1. Thank you Michelle! was a lovely day :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday, Lynda! The cake looks beautiful, and the visitors, cute. :D The yarn was a good gift choice for you. You won't let it gather dust.

    1. Thank you Lisa! Yes...yarn is always good :)

      And I was txting with Natasha in CT this morning, and she is sending me birthday wool too!! From a place called Taylor Farm in Londonderry, VT.
      I will need to live a long time to knit it all up :)) xx