Monday, December 31, 2018

Resuming normal transmission...

My house guest (Benjamin) left on Friday, after being here for 2 months, so now I am resuming 'life as I know it'...

I'm not sure that I'm cut out for having someone in my house 24/7 (it's the 96% introvert in me !), but we had some good times, survived the ordeal, and didn't kill each other.  And more importantly...we parted friends :)

Ok...I know you're all dying to see here's a pic...

And a general update...

Christmas was quiet but we did family stuff (with Marnie, Phil and Denver) either side of it.

We don't really do presents, but every so often one of the family surprises me.  This year it was Jefferson and Anushka, and they sent me this...
It's Jefferson's photo (The last pic. No...not the spider!!) from THIS post that I really liked.  They had it printed on a wood block from Memory Block.  Such a unique gift!

And I also bought myself a book (no Christmas is complete without a new book)…
and my friend Vicki gave me some Australian botanicals soap :)

In the garden...
 the apples are growing

the blueberries are flourishing

 the thornless blackberries are ripening

and see the tiny beans?

I also have an abundant crop of weeds, but I'm not showing you those!

I'm continuing to read Us Against You.  It's good, but if you're going to read it, read BearTown first as Us Against You follows on.  I'm pretty hard to please where books are concerned and have trouble finding ones that I really like, but I really liked these two!!

And to while away the hours, when it's too hot and sunny to go outside...
 using up my 'bits and pieces' to make granny squares for charity blankets

knitting more baby cardigans (for charity)

Oh...and I finished this one (that I had to make from a square to a rectangle)…
also for charity

So that's you all caught up! 

I'm continuing to enjoy the solitude and recharge my batteries.

The joys of routine… :)



  1. Happy New Year.

    I have pulled out my charity knitting but as I am having hand surgery on the 9th I think the output will still be slow. oh so slow.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Suzan!

      I hope the surgery goes well and you can get back to your knitting soon. xx

  2. What a nice gift idea - they remembered that you liked that image. The book sounds interesting. :)

    1. was very thoughtful of them.

      And I am reading little snippets from the book, and dreaming of having a garden just like theirs... :)) xx