Sunday, December 9, 2018

Out and About - Week 6

This is my second attempt, as I lost the previous Week 6 just as I was about to publish it, so you're just getting the photos...

Wednesday we went walking in Cradle Mountain National Park...
 which is also the starting point for the world famous Overland Track

 across the flat

 into the rainforest

past Crater Falls

 to Crater Lake

 where we ate lunch

And continued walking...
I think this is Lake Lilla and Dove Lake

 Wombat Pool

iconic Cradle Mountain

And a couple of shots of Dove Lake...


This weekend, son Jefferson and some friends were walking in Main Range of the Snowy Mountains/Mount Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales (mainland Australia)

They were doing the '10 Summits' over three days and he sent this photo through to the family which I had to share with you because I just love it!

Mount Twynam - Australia's second highest (Mount Kosciuszko being the highest)...
4.30pm - rocks, alpine grass, snow, mountains, clouds...and the subtle colours!!!

And just so you don't get bored, he also sent this photo (don't look if you have a spider phobia)

The poisonous Funnel-web Spider...
They had seen quite a lot of them, and didn't realise they were funnel webs until they googled them (three cheers for Mr Google),  and one had decided to sleep the night under Jefferson's pack!!
 I think they were sleeping out in the open, but have decided tents might be in order for the next trip, with sewn in spider proof floor and zips :))

I did see a small snake on our Cradle Mountains walk, but I'll take a snake over a spider any day!! you got a few words with the pics...



  1. I will also take a snake over a spider any day! Was that sucker as large as he seems in the photo? Ahhhhhhhh! Horrible. Otherwise, your photos are lovely. :D

    1. According to 'Wiki' they are between 1 - 5cm (1/2 - 2 inches).

  2. Beautiful country side. You must be enjoying these day trips & walks. I have to correct you .... It's MRS GOOGLE. because she is a wise woman. 😁