Thursday, November 17, 2016


Spent an hour and a half in the garden earlier this morning trying to tame and cut back some of the rampant spring growth...

When it got too hot, I came inside for my morning coffee, toasted sourdough and Castello blue vein cheese, and browsed my new mags I bought this morning on my way back from my river walk...

Started with Victoria magazine...
 such lovely well written articles and beautiful photos

I thought of you Lisa as I read this one by Frances Mayes :)
On the Yarn Along front...
Sewing up the hem on an op shop skirt (I shortened it a bit)
 remember this linen tea towel I bought recently?

 It's now a cushion cover!!

Continuing to work on my baby blanket...

And reading from Streetlights to Stars and finding it very interesting and enjoyable!

My friend Debbie wanted my tomato sauce recipe.  Actually it's my friend Lyn's recipe, but I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it...
Lyn's best ever tomato sauce recipe
3kg/6 1/2lb tomatoes
250g/1/2lb onions
2 cloves garlic
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon curry powder
200ml/ 7 ounces apple cider vinegar
3 tablespoons golden syrup/molasses
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
500g/1 pound sugar
Chop the tomatoes, onion and garlic roughly with a Bamix (a stick mixer), or put in a blender (or food processor) – in batches - (which is what I did as I don't have a Bamix).
Put tomato mix and all other ingredients into a big pot and boil till desired consistency is reach. I think I boiled for a few hours – it depends how think you want it. Bottle and seal while hot.
I added some extras to Lyn's original recipe – cardamom, cumin, Tabasco sauce, allspice, bay leaf.
I also used white and brown sugar.
I didn't sterilise my jars/bottles, but washed and dried them and heated them slightly in the microwave (you could use the oven) before pouring the hot sauce into them and sealing.
My sauce/relish was quite spicy, but have had lots of positive comments about it :)

My head is aching a bit today (due to weather fronts/troughs coming through), so think I'll need to take one of my migraine meds and take it easy for a bit.  Not that that is any hardship...  :))

Enjoy your day...whatever season (of the year, or life) you are in!!



  1. I read from Streetlight to Stars a few years ago, be curious to know how you like it.
    Like the throw pillow. I have a couple of souvenir tea towels from England and now, thanks to you, have a good idea to use them in a way that will keep them nice for a long time.


    1. Hi Bean! I am enjoying from Streetlights to Stars, nearly finished it. It is interesting to read a book about some-one joining the church rather than leaving, especially a family from a non Mennonite background. I can certainly see the appeal for those with young families to join. I think it gives a good perspective of how differently Mennonites think and how it can be difficult for us non Mennonites to adjust to that way of life. Difficult...but not impossible...
      What did you think of the book?

      I've made 3 tea towels into cushions now! Hope your's come up well. xx

    2. I believe somewhere in the book it mentions that if a family is going to make this kind of drastic lifestyle change it is best to do so while children are young. But even then I wonder the impact on the extended family.

      My feeling is that Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, Mormons, and other similar, "in the world but not of the world" groups, are much, much more than just a religion, or a style of worship, they are their own culture, making it difficult for outsiders to enter, even if they are made to feel welcome. You can move to Japan but it doesn't make you Japanese, that is probably a bit of an over simplification, but I hope you see my point.


    3. Hi Bean - I agree that the Anabaptist religions are a lifestyle, not something you can just do on Sundays :)

      It is difficult to fit in when you are not born into it, but as Becky said towards the end of the book we put the pressure on ourselves by trying to 'be like them' more in the practical everyday living sense, not so much the spriritual sense. It is quite a disiplined lifestyle, that is why it is easier learned from childhood, but I think many of the problems occur when we (outsiders) try to live up to the practical standards rather than enjoying the spiritual elements that come from being part of such a Christ centred group. I know some of the Anabaptist groups put more of an emphasis on 'works', but from what I've seen, the Mennonites (at least this group here) certainly live out their faith daily. and I think that is what the attraction is for many. Of course you don't have to be a Mennonite to do that, but I think because of their more separatist lifestyle, it makes it easier.

      And regading the impact on the extended family, I think they eventually come around when they see you are still the same person on the inside, and perhaps if they are feeling uncomfortable they may need to consider their own life choices rather than seeing you as the one who is extreme/radical. I don't mean to sound harse or judgemental, but talking to a couple of the Australian famiiles who have joined, they did get very negative reactions from some extended family members initially, but they have since come to accept and even to some degree understand why some-one would be drawn to the Mennonite life.

      Just some of my thoughts...

      And thanks for your comments... xx

      PS - I see the Mennonite beliefs as biblical, but not so some of the other 'in the world but not of the world' groups.

  2. I love your cushion cover! That towel was just the thing for it. We had heavy weather the other day, and I had a headache, too.
    I don't usually see Victoria, but I did come across a recent issue with an article by her in it - I tore it out and saved it. (but now that I think of it, where?)

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes...I'm happy with the cushion cover. I'm always on the lookout now for tea towels I can make into cushion covers :)

      I don't always buy Victoria magazine, but couldn't resist the Autumn/Fall theme (Autumn is my favoruite season!!) xx

  3. Hi Lynda,
    Love how the garden is looking and your cushion has come up really well.
    Hugs sharm

    1. Hi Sharm! The garden is certainly keeping me busy with all the Spring growth. Just as well I enjoy weeding and mowing :)) xx

  4. Lovely garden and cute baby blanket! I see we have a lot in common. Thanks for visiting and I'll be back ♡

  5. Hi Anne! Thanks for visiting :) xx