Monday, May 31, 2021

Not only (books), but also...

 Winter has arrived this week, with minus Celsius early morning temperatures and cold frosty nights.  So now my daily walk is either mid morning or late afternoon, when the day has (hopefully) warmed up slightly...

But I can always console myself by escaping to Shetland...

more on that next post :)

Op shop book finds this week...

Finished reading these two...

And am working my way through these...

I have quite a collection of Miss Read books now, all picked up secondhand...

Think I will make them my winter read.  Last winter I re-read all the Little House books, so this year I will work my way through Miss Read, and escape to English village life at Thrush Green and Fairacre in a time when life was simpler.

But it's not all books...

I've finished knitting this top.  Hopefully next post I can show you the finished article :)

I want to get it finished, as I already have a backlog of 'next projects' in my head

Continuing to work on my Amish blanket squares...

And at the river...

some days are diamonds

some days are gold

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

- Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)


  1. Love the Thoreau quote.. And the photos ❤️🤗

  2. The top looks interesting! I am going through the Little House books, slowly. Right now I've got By the Shore of Silver Lake - these books are so fascinating, informative, and un-childish, even though obviously for children. I love them! And, Dorothy Day - is that by her? Or something about her?

    1. Yes...the Dorothy Day book is by her, her autobiography, from the library, but I took it back, unfinished. I got about a 1/3rd the way through it and gave up. The first part is mostly about her political activism days and I really wasn't interested in that, nor did I know who most of the people were she was talking about. I'm thinking the latter parts of the book would be more about her spiritual journey, and therefore of more interest to me, but I didn't get that far. I know where it is if I want to get back to it :)

      I'm glad you are enjoying the Little House books. They never disappoint, no matter how many times one reads them :) xx

  3. I hope you are keeping well. I love Miss Read books, I was on a mission last fall to collect all in the Thrush Green series and did do it and read them all in order. I have most of the Fairacre series, I have just a few missing in that series and plan to collect the remaining copies and read the whole series in order this fall.
    Great pictures as always,

    take care,


    1. Hi Bean!

      Life here is busy...but good!
      I've started with the Life at Thrush Green book, which is actually three books in one (Thrush Green, Winter in Thrush Green and News from Thrush Green) so I have five books from each series. Still a few more to collect, so hoping they will pop up at the op shops over time.

      Hope all is well with you :) xx

  4. I'm very fond of Miss Read's books. I've read them many times, but when I'm feeling a bit tired of the world's dramas I revisit Fairacre & Thrush Green. If I could have been a teacher in the Miss Read era at Fairacre, that would have made me very happy. However, I'm glad I didn't go into teaching because when I was working as a Teaching Assistant I realised I would never want to be a teacher in these times. My favourite character is Miss Clare. She comes across as a gentle, kind, yet very self-disciplined soul.
    Kay in UK

    1. Hello Kay,
      Thanks for your thoughts :) Yes, these are certainly different times we are living in now. I think to be a teacher these days would be a very difficult job.
      I will reacquaint myself with Miss Clare as I enjoy my time in Fairacre and Thrush Green, and see if I discover a favourite character. The books are certainly a delightful diversion. xx