Sunday, May 23, 2021

Weekend Words

From Our Daily Bread...

She Did What She Could - Read Mark 14: 3-9

"She did what she could.  She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial." (Mark 14:8)

She loaded the plastic container of cupcakes onto the conveyor belt, sending it towards the cashier.  Next came the birthday card and various bags of chips.  Hair escaped from her ponytail, crowning her fatigued forehead.  Her toddler clamored for attention.  The clerk announced the total and the mum's face fell.  "Oh, I guess I'll have to put something back.  But these are for her party," she sighed, glancing regretfully at her child.

Standing behind her in line, another customer recognized this mother's pain.  This scene is familiar in Jesus' words to Mary of Bethany.  "She did what she could" (Mark 14:8).  After anointing Him with a bottle of expensive nard before His death and burial, Mary was ridiculed by the disciples.  Jesus corrected His followers by celebrating what she had done.  He didn't say, "She did all she could," but rather, "she did what she could."  That lavish cost of the perfume wasn't His point.  It was Mary's investment of her love in action that mattered.  A relationship with Jesus results in a response.

In that moment, before the mum could object, the second customer leaned forward and inserted her credit card into the reader, paying for the purchase.  It wasn't a large expense, and she had extra funds that month.  But to that mum, it was everything.  A gesture of pure love poured out in her moment of need.

- Elisa Morgan

In what unexpected ways has Jesus helped you?  What might you do - not all, but what - to love Jesus back in a need you see today?

Father, open my eyes to see You inviting me to do what I can do today.

Let us ever love each other

With a heart that's warm and true,

Ever doing to our brother

As to us we'd have him do.

Kind and loving to each other,

Gentle words to all we meet - 

Thus we follow Christ our Saviour,

Proving all His service sweet.

- William J Henry and Luella E Henry