Friday, October 21, 2016

A bit of colour never hurt anyone?

Have had the builder here recently doing a few inside jobs.

The splashback behind the cooktop use to look like this...
 red/maroon is NOT my colour

It now looks like this...
 stainless (and colourless) steel splashback :)
And I even had to put the blue water filter (in previous photo) in the cupboard because the colour 'jumped' out at me...

Got him to buy a 2 door melamine pantry cupboard and put together for me...

It now looks like this...
 Yarn and craft supplies.  Now I can close the doors on the clutter...

Picked up some Gardening Australia magazines from the Op Shop for 20 cents each...
 unfortunately I spend more time reading than doing!!

Almost finished reading My Hutterite Life.  Such an interesting and informative read...highly recommended...
 and so it grows...lap blanket is now 1 metre square...
Not sure what I will read next.  Going to Launceston tomorrow (the big...well not so and will check out the book shop.

And lest you think it is all gloom and doom...boring and colourless...
a couple of baby/doll blankets I made recently and a 'colourful' beanie for charity...
I think that's enough colour for one day :))
Off  to work on my 'calming' lap blanket!
I wrote the above post on Wednesday, but didn't publish it because I wanted to link in to this week's Yarn Along on Thursday.  It's now Friday, so here's an update on my trip to Launceston yesterday...
Bought The Plain Choice at the bookshop and will start it tonight.  It's a true story...  I'm looking forward to reading it...

Bought some more yarn for another lap blanket.  Most of the decor in the lounge room is white/grey/beige/brown, with most of the colour being one wall above the bookshelves with this wallpaper and a couple of paintings...
 the cat done by daughter Marnie and winning first prize at the Ulverstone Show for Print Making in 1993 (she was 13) and the tree painting done by daughter Natasha in college
I think the blanket colours should go well.  Notice I said the 'colour' word...muted...but still colour :)
I'm itching to get started, but have to finish the 'neutral' one first (sigh).  Maybe I could just do one round of each colour to see how it's going to look???

Tulips in my garden...
for daughter in law Hayley...who likes tulips!
That's me up to date...
Been raining steadily most of the day.  Hoping it will clear later this afternoon so I can get a walk in.
  In the meantime...maybe I'll just make a start on the new blanket :))


  1. This colour combination goes very well with the wallpaper. And the baby blanket is super cute :)

    1. Hi Hanni! Have yet to make a start on the new blanket...maybe today...
      My choices of colour were limited, but I think it will work out well.

      Thanks for visiting :) xx

  2. I like your new splash back. I couldn't live with that red either!
    And I like the bright crocheted blankets, but I love the new (muted colours) wool. Wondering what sort of wool it is? :)

    1. Hi Ros!

      You think the splashback was of the walls in my bedroom is painted the same red!!!! It's on my 'to paint' list :))

      It's not's acrylic! From Spotlight! Marvel (4 Seasons) 8 ply. It was on special too :) xx

  3. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to your home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at

  4. Love wool colours, and look it's my painting 😀. Marnie's print is great she should make more maybe printed t towels to sell? Backsplash is definitely an improvement

  5. Hey's either a feast or a famine :)) !!

    Yes...your painting...and I have 2 others, but not sure where to put them and they really need frames too.

    Never thought of trying to reproduce Marnie's print...that's a good idea...I'll mention it to her.

    Backsplash is better...maybe not exactly what I would have's a bit sparkly :))...but definitley an improvement. xx

  6. Once when my husband and I lived in a small duplex with a galley kitchen, we painted the very small wall at the end of the rectangle red. It was much brighter than your maroon, and seemed to be a nice accent behind the shelves and shelves' contents. I made curtains with some yellow and red flowers...

    But that dark backsplash is (was) so stark and solitary in its color statement, it draws all the attention to itself, and if you want the eye to be drawn to some aspect of a kitchen, it wouldn't be the back of the stove. I feel very wanting in understanding of design, but I think I "get" this.

    When we were remodeling our kitchen and whole open-space downstairs six years ago, my husband worried that my choice of "vanilla" for the walls and cabinets would be too boring, but I knew from experience that once you add lots of appliances, curtains, tea towels, canisters, and food :-) , vanilla was a great backdrop. It must feel wonderful to be rid of that dark area of an important room of your house!

    1. Hi Gretchen Joanna - I am not a 'colour' my home, or my clothing! Most of my clothes are 'shades of grey' (hopefully not a match to my personality!!), and I like neutral colours in my home too...white,cream,grey,beige. One wall in the bathroom and the second bedroom is painted a sage green, which I can live with (just), but I am definitely NOT a red person :)

      Interestingly...I like to use colour in my crochet!! Guess we all need a bit of colour in our lives :)) xx