Thursday, July 23, 2020

In the Bleak Midwinter?

I thought of that poem by Christina Rossetti.  It is midwinter, but there is nothing bleak about it.  In fact, it is a beautiful calm sunny day, although it was cold and frosty early this morning...

winter sunshine on my walk this morning

But these shorter days don't seem to leave much time to get things done.  I still eat, sleep and walk.  Just as well I like routine :))  But some days it seems I no sooner get started than it's time to stop.  It's nice to have a break from the busyness of the garden, although Denver did lop the top off my apple tree (which was blocking my view) for me last week, then I had fun chopping all the branches and bagging up for the rubbish.  And gained blisters on 2 fingers for my efforts.  They are just about better now, so will continue cutting back my bay tree this week (also blocking my view).  There is still garden work to get through, but not at the frantic pace of Spring/Summer.  And we've had some lovely winter days - some of them almost Spring like.

Of course we've had some rainy, grey days too, and on those, I work on my crocheted blanket, and am also sewing up Hazel's cardigan.  Hopefully I can show a finished photo next post...

And on my morning coffee break...
new Anabaptist publications to read

Anzac slice - quicker and easier than making biscuits :)

date scones

Through my kitchen window...

and a few minutes later it looked like this

on another morning

Down at the river...
blue skies


bottoms up

I hope your world is right side up :)


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