Thursday, January 3, 2019

January Yarn Along

All the projects I am working on at the moment are for charities...
 cot blanket finished

I really like working with this self patterning yarn...
baby jumpers/sweaters and cardigans

These will eventually be 10" granny squares, using up my left over bits and pieces of yarn...
 to be made into blankets

Reading Us Against You (the sequel to BearTown)...
really like the way he writes, how he gets inside the character's heads

And while we're on books...these are some I read in 2018...

Also, from the library, so not pictured, The Better Son - Katherine Johnson; and Britt-Marie Was Here - Fredrik Backman.  There were probably other, but these are all I can remember.  I usually write (in pencil) in the backs of my books when I read them, but this year I will make an actual list!

And did you know Ann Lamott has a new book out: Almost Everything. She is one of my favourite Christian authors and I have read all her previous non fiction books.

And after 10 years Leif Enger ( Peace Like a River and So Brave Young and Handsome) has a new one too: Virgil Wander. I really enjoyed his two previous books.

I've ordered both these books from Book Depository, but I can truthfully say I've bought no new books this year, as they were both purchased the last day of 2018 :))

Check out Yarn Along on Ginny's blog to see what others are reading and crafting!



  1. Such pretty colors! And beautiful work! Nicely done.

  2. I read that book Us against You and quite enjoyed it. Lovely array of colorful projects!!

    1. thanks Karen!

      A bit over half way in the book, and finding it interesting and a good read. xx

  3. Happy New Year, Lynda! I also like that self-patterning yarn. Maybe next month I will get back to knitting my poncho...

    1. Happy New Year to you to Lisa!

      Yes the self patterning yarn is very pretty, unfortunately I've slowed down with the sewing up bit :(

      Hope to see you on Yarn Along next month :)) xx

  4. I am reading Bear Town at the moment and plan to read Us Against You next. I am enjoying Bear Town, it is a dark story. My first Fredrik Backman was A Man Called Ove, a sweet, funny, tale. I think it is a sign of a good author who can write such different styles of stories. Backman is really good at spoon feeding us each characters story so we slowly learn what motivates their actions. I enjoy his approach of the slowly unfolding story, bringing us into it from all angles yet keeping the plot moving forward.

    Good stuff.


    1. Glad you are enjoying BearTown. I'm still reading Us Against You. It's very good. Intense, but so good. I'm savouring it as I don't want to get to the end. I enjoy his character analysis too, and the unexpected twists and turns in the plot.

      I also read A Man Called Ove a few years ago, and enjoyed it, but didn't enjoy the film they made from it so much.

      Another one of his that is good is Britt-Marie Was Here.

      Happy reading! xx

  5. Another book to add to my book list to check out from the Yarn Along. The self patterning yarn sweaters are sweet. What a lovely idea for a charity knit.

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      I've had mixed responses to the book, some like it, some don't. Guess you just have to read it for yourself and decide :)

      I've finished 2 little sweaters in the self patterning yarn and really enjoy knitting with it (wish I could say the same about the sewing up!). I'm now continuing to work on number 3. xx

  6. What a great idea to keep a list of books for the year!! Early enough that I can do this. Thank you.

    Thank you too for the Ann Lamott recommendation. I have been reading Jan Karon's Mitford/Father Tim series. Last year I found the first in a Free Library box (love those!!), actually it was book 3 and came to more sense when I started from the beginning. Thankful God blessed me with that book #3.And now am nearing the end, think book 16 currently with only a few more to go. I have so enjoyed them.

    Your knit and crochet projects are lovely. I have been working on a baby knit sweater, but need to do some frogging as I messed up back a few rows.

    Nice to meet you.❤

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

  7. Hi Kimmie! Anne Lamott is a favourite of mine, and I think I will start her book next.

    My 2019 book list is not very long yet (only 1 book completed), but I'm hoping to have a full, varied and interesting list by the end of the year :)

    I've read many of the Mitford books in the past and enjoyed them. I didn't make it to the end of the series though :)

    It's so frustrating when knitting (or crochet) needs some 'adjusting. I've just undone nearly a whole jumper I was knitting for myself, because I decided I didn't like it. But I have a new design in mind (stay tuned for info on blog...) and am itchin' to get started on it :)

    Nice to meet you too :) Stay in touch... xx