Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekend Walkabout

After church yesterday (Seventh-day Adventist) new friend Vicki came for a coffee, cake and chat.  I'm sure we could have talked all afternoon...
It's not often I meet some-one I can relate to (and they to me)...a kindred spirit...

Then, later in the afternoon, Marnie, Denver and I went to the Raspberry Farm at Christmas Hills for a walk around their lake and then afternoon tea...

 waterlilies on the lake


 original old houses on the property


 some of the raspberry tunnels

looking across to the cafe
After my raspberry cheesecake I definitely needed my afternoon river walk, but undid all the good that did because I met Marnie and Denver at the river and we had fish and chips for tea!!!
It was a nice day...I'll just have to not eat for the rest of the week...  :))


  1. I can just imagine the houses when they had people living in them. Nice walk!

    1. Hi Michelle - life would certainly have been different. xx

  2. Ha! Good luck with that...

    It's all very beautiful.

    1. :)'s the thought that counts... :)) xx