Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday Things

It's hot and windy again today.  Walked earlier, before the wind picked up, but won't be going too far for the rest of the day.  And I have a headache :(

For Yarn Along...

Still working on my jumper.  Almost finished the back.
 Reading these two books from the church library:

Life Styles of the Remnant by Keavin Hayden
Slow Down and Simplify by Beverly Graham Stickle
Bought this table runner from One Colour...

Made by women in Africa...

Unfortunately I still need a table to put it on, but using it folded in half on my small table for now...
Love the colours (or lack of) and fabric
And it has given me some ideas for a patchwork/quilting project.
Letter writing today!
Keep busy and be happy :)


  1. I hope your headache is gone by now! Your books sound interesting, and I like the runner.

    1. Hi Lisa...yes...headache gone...thankyou! Strangely it went by its own accord...usually I need to take a tablet.

      So...will go for an afternoon walk... xx

  2. Always satisfying to know that you have almost finished one segment of a garment. A milestone to keep me going, I find.

    1. Hi Cheryl - yes...the trick is to keep at it. I find if I put it aside for too long I lose incentive. xx