Thursday, January 19, 2017

In a word

If I had to describe our summer in a would be windy!!

Usually spring is our windy time of year, but this year it has continued to be windy right on through summer :((

Roll on autumn!!!

It is usually calm when I go for my walk around 7am, but by 9am the wind has picked up again and doesn't stop till around 7 at night.

So here are a couple of photos from my 'calm' morning walk...

And for Yarn Along

Still reading The Sunlit Night and still knitting my jumper...

Also dipping into the following from the church library:
How to Hug a Heart - Tamyra Horst
Ordinary People Faithful God - (edited and compiled) by Nathan Brown
And for travel and patchwork inspiration, watching:
Northern Exposure and How to Make an American Quilt

An update on my goals for 2017:

*As regards the has been purchased!
now I just need to learn to play it!!
*And my 'read through the bible in alphabetical order' is coming along:
Acts, Amos, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles...
*I've planned my first patchwork project!
*As regards travel...I haven't actually gone anywhere...except in my dreams!  And in my current book...all the way to Norway :))

Read this in my a Year's Journey with God devotional book this morning:

"Don't try and live a holy life for that will crush you by its immensity; rather think of a series of holy moments, each one lived for God - then one day you will realise that you have lived a holy life without effort.  Concentrate on Jesus rather than on  your own efforts because it is His job to sanctify us." (Alexander Lindsay Glegg)

Have a good day!

  I'm off to the dentist :(((((((



  1. Can you see the water from your home? I'd love to live by the water.

    1., but it's only a 5 minute walk to the river. I love the water too, but especially the sea. I lived by the sea before I moved to Deloraine...and I could see it from my house...and walk on the beach every day :) xx

  2. Looks like you're making a good start to 2017 goals! Can't wait to see the patchwork begin - it must be a sewing type of year for us as I've got sewing projects lined up too lol
    Not so much wind here, but some very hot days - 46 degrees the other day!

    1. Rain here today!! So I can stay inside and not feel I should be out tackling the garden :)

      Have decided on the block pattern...still debating colours. xx

  3. There's that deceptively placid-looking river! :D You are an optimist, to be sure - buying a keyboard before you know you can play it. Good luck to you!

    1. I've never been called an optimist before :))

      I did have keyboard lessons as a teenager...

      It's a bit like riding a bicycle isn't it?

      And I do remember where middle C is!! xx