Friday, January 6, 2017

And so endeth (almost) another week...

A busy week, so I'm late with my Yarn Along link up....

Still knitting bright beanies for charity, and dug out this lovely soft wool that I've had for years, from a family woollen mill in Victoria, that no longer operates.   Knitting this classic jumper, one of which I made myself years ago, but waylaid somewhere in all my moves.  I really loved that jumper, so why not knit another one!!  It was in Willabaa yarn too...

And my friend Debbie in India sent me a parcel, and a challenge, to crochet a 'mood blanket'...
 lots of bright coloured yarn (and a rice bag to put it in)

Still working on my hexi flowers from a fabric swap with a group of ladies how many years ago??
think I might join them into some sort of carry/knitting bag

Finished reading Candle in the Darkness.  Enjoyed the historical content on the American Civil War and abolition of slavery...

In the process of finishing Blue Christmas (interesting, but a bit repetitive)

Still forming an opinion on Quicksand

And picked up this Reader's Digest (which I don't usually buy) as there looked to be some interesting articles in it

The year of using up and finishing off :))

Regarding bible reading...

I have my quiet time in bed with my early morning cup of tea, before the daily busyness starts.  I have been using the Our Daily Bread for years, but also like to add one or two other devotional reads.  Last year it was Grace Notes - Philip Yancey, but as I started it part way through the year, I am continuing with it this year.  I do like his writings...

Also this year, as well as Our Daily Bread, I am using Seeds of the Kingdom and a Year's Journey with God (both of which I have used in previous years)...

And in my plan to read through the Bible alphabetically, I am using the Holman Christian Standard Bible  (my usual preference is NKJV) for a change.  I'm on track with my reading:

1. Acts
2. Amos
3. 1 Chronicles
Had some recipes to share with you too, but that will have to wait till another post.
Will leave you with this poem I read Jan 2nd in a Year's Journey with God:
Lord, I surrender all my gifts, to take into this year,
That I may use them in your will, to bring the Saviour near.
The gifts you give are not my own - they're yours to take away,
Or let remain, if you should choose, to use for you each day.
And so my gifts I dedicate that I may serve you here.
May all the glory go to you - my King, my Saviour dear.
(Ann Clifton)
Onwards and upwards....  :))


  1. Busy you are!
    I have a hexi paper-piecing project, if I got them all sewn together, I might be able to call it done.
    My favorite devotional is Streams in the desert, by Mrs. Charles Cowman. So many days, it is just what I need.

    1. Hi Leslie! The paper-piecing is fun to do for a change, especailly on hot summer days when I don't want to knit or crochet.

      I have used Streams in the Desert (and Springs in the Valley) by Mrs Charles Cowman in previous years. Both are very good. xx

  2. Oh gosh ......I see some of my hexies there! I have mine still too a tin also waiting to be made into something ......... that mood blanket will keep you busy, have you worked out what colours/emotions you plan doing?

    1. Hi Sharm! It's good to be able to swap between sew, if I don't feel like knitting or crocheting.

      The mood blanket? Difficult...because my moods are pretty flat :))) So I'm working on an emotional principle rather than daily moods. Will expain more in a blog post soon. xx