Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday afternoon in the dell

At the back of our church is a wild patch of overgrown land that is the old cemetery.  I went there this afternoon to collect autumn leaves (three garbage bags full) for my garden beds... 

In the middle of the patch is a hedge cross made by double borders.  Perhaps there had been some sort of statue or feature in the centre of the cross?

I only found one grave (but I believe there are more) under a big tree...

I appears to belong to the Slater family.  Buried in it are Elizabeth Slater: died April 1872 - aged 18 years;  Edmund Slater: died Feb 1878 - aged 5 months;  Mina Slater: died Sept 1880 - aged 66 years;  C P Slater: died Dec 1880 - aged 66 years;  Amelia Slater: died July 1885 - aged 37 years;  and following the verse inscription;  Sarah Oxbrow - died 1906 - aged 68 years. 
The inscription on it reads:
Safely, safely gathered in
Free from sorrow, free from sin.
Passed beyond all grief and pain
Death for them is truest gain.
For our loss we must not weep
For our loved ones long to keep.
From the home of rest and peace
Where all sin and sorrow cease.
I love old quiet and peaceful...especially on such a beautiful autumn afternoon...
 And here's one I took on my river walk this morning...just because I love autumn trees too :))



  1. I like old cemeteries too, a great message from the past on the grave marker. Funny to think your leaves are falling as our just starting to burst forth and our world is beginning to turn green again.


    1. Hi Bean - beautiful autumn days here :)) xx

  2. Lovely photos, and a beautiful verse. I like old cemeteries as well. So many stories behind these bare facts... Whenever I'm in a cemetery, I think of Norman Vincent Peale talking to a man who felt very down about life. NVP said, "I'll take you to a place where no-one has any problems" - and took him to the cemetery.

    1. Hi Christine - Interesting quote!

      And my photos will look even better when I get my new camera...soon! But it will still be the old maybe there won't be much improvement :)) xx