Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Here's a bit of a rundown on the last few days...

Denver started back at school today after 8 weeks of summer holidays.  I think he's glad to get back to see his friends (not for the school work) and I'm happy to have some free time during the day.  He's a really good boy, but I'm just craving some solitude.

Last Wednesday (5th) was my birthday!  Let's just say I'm a year older :)

Marnie, Denver and I went out for tea.  Denver took this photo of Marnie and I...

I'm back to knitting blanket squares for charity.  I can knit while watching TV/dvd's, but I can't crochet and not keep my eyes on my work....

So, knitting it was, as I wanted to watch this dvd (from the library) - Midnight in Paris - written and directed by Woody Allen.  I enjoyed it!

And I couldn't get into the Per Petterson book I was reading (Out Stealing Horses) and I'd rather spend my reading time on a book I'm really enjoying than slogging my way through a book that I'm not finding so great.

So I'm now reading Plainsong by Kent Haruf and enjoying it so far....

That's about it for today....


  1. Belated birthday wishes to you, Lynda! I hope your day was filled with happiness.

  2. I also enjoyed Midnight in Paris - but first had to get over the fact that I really don't like Woody Allen. :O

    1. Hi Lisa - I'm not all that keen on him as an actor, but as he is not actually in this movie, only directing it, I could enjoy it more. I do find his movies all have that bit of strange quirkiness to them...matches my strange, quirky sense of humour :))