Sunday, January 5, 2014

Devotional reads for 2014

In 2013 I used these devotional books...

This year I will use Seeds of the Kingdom (which I started using half way through last year but will continue with this year) and Our Daily Bread booklet (that I receive every 3 months and have been reading for years).

And a new one I bought (Amish Peace) that I am really enjoying, and this Max Lucado one (which I have used in previous years).  It has a morning and evening reading...

I am using the read through the Bible in a year plan from the Our Daily Bread booklet.  It consists of a Old and New Testament reading each day...

I've also just signed up to receive the free Seeds of the Kingdom daily devotional email.  It is different from the ones in the book.  You can sign up HERE.

What devotional books will you be using in your quiet time this year?


  1. Do you still have that daily bread booklet? In the second picture