Friday, January 3, 2014

crochet colour

Although I don't like a lot of colour or clutter in my surroundings, I like to work with colour in my crochet projects.

Before Christmas Bendigo Woollen Mills had a sale so I bought some of their 200gm 8 ply wool. I prefer to work with wool rather than acrylic.

So, with no particular project in mind, I bought one ball of each of these colours...

And four balls of each of these...

I decided to alternate the purple and fuschia above between the other colours.  I really like the colour combinations and the way the lap blanket is turning out...

And The Ragamuffin Gospel is my bedtime read....


  1. Beautiful colors, I love it.
    I read that book several years ago, let me know what you think of it when you have finished.


  2. Hi Bean! Yes...I love the colours too, they are a pleasure to work with.

    Have gotten side tracked on the book as one from the library I reserved has come in (The Shipping News) and I am reading that.

    I really enjoyed Brennan's All Is Grace autobiography. Have you read that?

  3. Beautiful lap blanket! I love the colors you chose. I prefer to work with wool, too.

    1. Thanks Susan. I've gone off on a bit of a tangent though and am now doing smaller granny squares to make into a baby blanket, after seeing a pic in a magazine :)

  4. Lynda, I love the colors. Very pretty!!! The setting for your blog is so peaceful and lovely.