Saturday, March 9, 2019

March Yarn Along

For Yarn Along this month

Working on a blanket for charity...

 Continuing to read (as my bedtime book), and enjoy, Sunlight through Dusty Windows.
And started Respectable Sins as my daytime read.

Bought some extra yarn to start another 'green granny' blanket...

Picking more beans from the garden...

Made some jam drop cookies...
to have with my coffee

Baked a loaf of Irish soda bread...
warm from the oven and spread with my greengage plum jam - Yum!

The weather has finally cooled down, the trees are showing their autumn colours and losing leaves, and I am enjoying our autumn days.



  1. Cookies and bread...I'll be right over! I learned knit many years ago in 4H, but have never learned crochet. Your colors look very fun. Are they a worsted weight? I'm hoping to start a knit that I bought last fall and haven't opened the yarn or pattern yet...I also read about a knitting book, went on ebay, and got myself a copy. Seems when I am the busiest, I buy the supplies for the things I wish I had time to do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Too late! The cookies are all gone :))

      Funny you should ask about 'worsted weight' yarn. My daughter in law Hayley and I were discussing it recently. We don't really use the term worsted weight here, so I googled it (good old Mr Google!) and apparently it's what we call Aran or 10 ply yarn. The yarn I use for my blankets (and most of my knitting and crocheting) is 8 ply.

      I hope you can find the time to get that knit started. I'm working at finishing off some projects I have on the go. There are so many new ones I want to start, but I always feel better if I get the half done ones finished before I start a new one. But the temptation is always there... :))

      Thanks for visiting! xx