Tuesday, January 15, 2019

So this is summer

Down at the river yesterday morning...

And this morning it was already 17C at 7am, and supposed to get into the 30s, so I'm hibernating, and dreaming of cool climes...
...as in climates and climbing!

But it's never too hot for coffee and Castello!!

Finally finished Us Against You.  Was reading in small increments towards the end.  It was intense, very good, but also sad.

I felt I needed a change, so started The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (from the library)...
 definitely different...will see how it goes

Still working on my random grannies...

And trying to decide what colour to edge them in...
I'm thinking maybe a sage/moss green? or a brown? to tone it down a bit?

(and we won't mention the baby sweaters/cardigans I'm still sewing up!)

I'll leave you with this 'bit of colour' I pass each day on my way to the river...

Stay cool!

Keep warm!

Be Happy!!



  1. I really love photographs of the sun or the moon taken through trees, as usual you have a good eye when taking a picture.

    We are having no issue staying cool in NE Indiana LOL. But, just looking at your pictures makes me feel warm :)


    1. I'd be happy to swap places for awhile :)

      We are headed for 30'C again today! And Natasha in Connecticut is expecting to get down to -14C!!! xx

  2. Some lovely photos Lynda! Hard to believe how busy January has been already

    1. Hi Sharm! I'm already starting to say "Where is the year going...?!?!"

      I owe you a letter, and will get it in the mail before the month's end. That is one of my goals...to get all caught up with letters and emails in January, and then NOT get behind again :)) xx

  3. How coincidental that you got the Trapp Family book - just this hour I finished watching a dvd called A Life of Music, and if you haven't seen it, look for it, Lynda! Apparently Agathe, Baron von Trapp's eldest daughter wrote her memoir, too. It's not romanticized like The Sound of Music (although I love that film!), and very interesting to see another way of looking at the story. See if you can find it!
    Your summer landscapes are breathtaking, as always. :)

    1. It was because Ginny on Yarn Along mentioned it, so I borrowed it from the library and am really enjoying it!

      They don't have the Life of Music DVD, but they do have Agathe's memoir, which I have reserved. Thanks for telling me about it, I'm looking forward to reading it also.

      Another hot one here (30'C) so I'm in summer hibernation :) xx

  4. Nice to drop in on you Lynda 😘