Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Into the new year...

I've been down and out for two days with a full blown migraine.  Back in the land of the living again now and catching up...

So, let's see...

What's been happening...

The weeds are growing, and I've started picking my green beans...

And I posted this pic on Instagram, and Natasha wanted the recipe...

Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry

In a large fry pan, saute some chopped onion, garlic and grated ginger in a small amount of olive oil.

Add chopped or thinly sliced chicken breast and cook.

Then add whatever vegies you have.  I used chopped capsicum, celery, carrot, zucchini, broccoli, peas.  Add a little water, cover and steam, until vegies are still slightly crunchy. Add some tinned pineapple pieces. 

To make the sauce:  the pineapple juice from the pineapple pieces, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of vinegar (I used red wine vinegar, but you can also use apple cider vinegar), a tablespoon of soy sauce and a tablespoon of cornflour (to thicken the sauce).  Mix all together and stir into chicken/vegie mix. Depending how thick you like the sauce, you will need to add some water if it is too thick, and you can vary the quantities to adjust to your taste.  And because I was using a combination of two sauce recipes, I can't  remember if I added a tablespoon of tomato sauce (I don't think I did, but you can try it!).

I served with brown rice, and some cashews (because they are my favourite) sprinkled on top!

Bon Appetit!

Continuing to work on the crocheted squares, but have change my mind...

Instead of making them into 10" squares, I am going to make them smaller (maybe 7"?) and edge them in (don't know what colour?)  It all just sort of evolves as I go along :)

Still reading Us Against You.  It's good.  Intense, but so very good!  Savouring it.

And this one arrived today...Sunlight Through Dusty Windows...
looking forward to reading it when in the right frame of mind

Every morning, I get up and make my early morning cuppa...

And take it back to bed to spend half an hour 'waking up' and enjoying my 'quiet time'...

For years I've been using the Our Daily Bread devotional booklet, but then vary my other reading material with a couple of other devotional books.  

This year I'm using Grace Notes - Philip Yancey (one of my favourite Christian authors)
Closer to God Each Day - Joyce Meyer

I also aim to read through the Bible each year.  Start of well, and then...

So this year I'm being a bit more realistic and endeavouring to read the New Testament, at my own pace (no time pressure).  I might even get through it a couple of times :)

Do you have any plans/aims/goals for 2019?



  1. I've been trying to read the Bible on my days off - I'm in Isaiah now, and have no particular order to go in. Otherwise, to sew regularly except when life doesn't get in the way.
    Is that a new kitty cup? A two day migraine is so bad - there's nothing you can take?

    1. I'm progressing in my New Testament reading. When I get to the end of that, maybe I'll read some of the Old Testament minor prophets.

      Sewing sounds good! Although I'd like to do some, it is quite a ways down my list :)

      No...not a new kitty cup. I've had it for years, and I really like it because it is BIG, and I love a BIG cup of tea first thing in the morning!

      I have medication for my migraines, but occasionally it doesn't work, so I just have to ride it out. Been feeling fine since though :)) xx

  2. I love your blog. Its great to see your crafts and Im inspired by so many of your book choices. God bless you!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kerry and for taking the time to tell me so.

      I hope you continue to stop by and enjoy :)

      God's blessings to you also! xx

  3. I am reading through the Bible on my YouVersion Bible app. Reading it out loud with my 4 youngest. I love the community of this app and the ability to flip from version to version. Lots of plans too! Being able to create images is fun too. Just discovered I can create images here and send them to my church to be made into posters for our next Bible study I am helping to lead. Doing, Well Done...good and faithful servant by Dr. Leon Van Rooyen. Looks to be life transforming for those who will say 'Yes!'

    God's blessings back at you❤

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Hi Kimmie!'s good to make plans and have goals, but also need to be flexible when plans don't 'go to plan' :)

      Nice that you've found a method that suits you re. Bible reading. Me...I like to use the paper version :))

      Sounds like an interesting book! xx

  4. I have heard magnesium oil is good for migraines. You can buy it on Amazon or make it with Magnesium chloride flakes. Hope it helps you.

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Thanks! I've used magnesium powder in the past, doesn't really seem to help the migraines, but I'm sure it has general health benefits, so will get some more... xx