Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Marnie is in her macrame studio on Tuesdays and Fridays...

So yesterday I met her and we went for lunch at a local café.

You can see more of her work at South of Sassafras Macramé.

Have finished the 'random grannies'...
 all 56 of them

And was able to get the green to edge them with the other day...
 it wasn't the exact colour I wanted and I thought it was a bit bright, but I think it will be ok

It gives it a sort of vintage/retro look...

And because I've finally sewn them up, and am no longer procrastinating, we can now mention them...
 two finished but still working on the third

My two new books arrived this week!  I actually ordered (from Book Depository) and paid for them last year, so technically they don't count as 2019 purchases...
says she who is trying not to buy so many books

Still reading The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, but almost finished, and think I'll start the Anne Lamott book next, although I did read a couple of pages of the Leif Enger one (his first book in 10 years!) and am sorely tempted.

FYI - If you go to the Amazon links you can read an excerpt from the books (top left of Amazon page - click on book cover) to see whether you like their style of writing (I love both Anne's and Leif's!)

And no post would be complete without a nature pic!

There are bushfires around (but not dangerously close), and this was the morning sun and sky...
 6.30am on my walk

While at the same time, Benjamin (ex house guest!) sent me this pic from Brussels...

I know where I'd rather be, and would gladly change places!!



  1. The studio is looking rather good; the green seems to be working well with the grannies and that sunrise has that eerrie smokey glow I know too well! Must get a letter written!

    1. Actually, I think it is I who owe you a letter :)) xx

  2. We looked like Brussels until today, when the rains came, and they were heavy all day! That orange sky looks scary, Lynda. But your yarn work is all very cheery!

    1. We could do with some rain! We did get a tiny shower yesterday, and it is a bit cooler today. The fires are still burning, but hopefully the slightly cooler weather will enable the fire fighters to make some headway.

      And I always have my cheery crochet to go on with... xx

  3. Stay safe. Like you we could use some rain. Brisbane has been very dry this month.

  4. Thanks Suzan! It's a bit cooler today, but still the fires continue to burn.

    I'm thankful our temps are generally lower than yours up there (I don't like summer!), and I hope you get some rain too. xx

  5. I think your grannies are perfect. I'm not experienced with granny squares so I can't weigh in on the possibly vintage color, but I didn't even notice the edging at first, but thought they were very pleasing to the eye...

    The little sweaters - scrumptious is the word for them!

    1. Thank you Gretchen. Yes, the little sweaters are certainly cute, but don't tell anyone I'm still working on that third one :)

      I'm pleased to say the 'green granny' is almost completed. xx