Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Care to join me for breakfast?
I have my son, Jefferson, to thank for getting me started on this yummy, healthy breakfast!
Here are the ingredients - goat's yoghurt, granny smith apple, white quinoa, local honey, red quinoa.
I usually have this 3 or 4 mornings a week.

I prefer the red quinoa, but am using up the white that I had, so have a combination of both here.  The red quinoa holds its shape better and is a bit chewier than the white (a bit like the difference between white and brown rice).  Boil gently in twice as much water as quinoa until water is absorbed/evaporated.  Put in bowl while still warm....

While the quinoa is cooking, peel and cut up some granny smith (or your choice) apples and simmer with some cinnamon and cloves and a little water until cooked. Remove the cloves after cooking (they just give it some extra flavour).  While still warm add to the quinoa....

Spoon on some goat's yoghurt, or cow's if you prefer, but I like the goat's, it doesn't seem to sit so 'heavy' in my stomach...and tastes delicious!  I prefer the plain, but could only get the mango last trip to the shop, although I find it a bit too sweet for me....

And lastly drizzle over some honey....


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  1. Tried it.....I liked it but the boys may take a few goes to get used to the more bitter taste of the quinoa (as opposed to porridge). Thanks for the link. Natasha