Sunday, March 31, 2019

Weekend Words

 The window in the Chapel at the Aged Care Facility in Deloraine


It wasn't always so;
A heart that was soft and pliable
And heard the Master's voice.
Many years it went its own way,
Despite professing to trust and obey.

But it was in control,
And would not heed the Master's promptings.
So the Master brought it low,
To crush its independence.

It kicked and fought
And snapped and snarled,
But the Master held His hand
Upon its struggling form.
Till eventually it quieted,
And rested in its place.
To turn from its own way,
And gaze into His face.

It's for your own good He said,
I know which way is best,
You only have to trust in Me,
And I will do the rest.

(LHK - 2009)

Fresh flowers are brought for church each week by one of the congregation


  1. You have a wealth of your own writings, it seems! All good. :) I am surprised to see a religious window in a - is it a nursing home? A secular place. I don't you'd find that here.

    1. It is a nursing home, but not high care, so residents have their own rooms and are mobile. The 'Chapel' is really just a room there where they hold church services (Thursday morning) each week (organised on roster by a different local church) for those who would like to attend, and a chaplain (who is actually the wife half of the pastors at the church I attend) is employed there 3 days a week and she organises a hymn singalong on Tuesday mornings for any of the residents who would like to come along. I have started going along to help, and usually read a short devotional during the time.
      The stained glass window is a nice touch. xx