Friday, March 1, 2019

Another one bites the dust...

What?  Friday already?!?

And the first day of March!  Our official start of autumn, although we are supposed to get 31C today and tomorrow, and I heard on the news last night that this summer has been Tasmania's hottest and driest on record.  Global warming perhaps...?!?

So.  Lets see.  What did I do this week...

Drove just out of town to the plant stall we visited last week...
Quamby Bluff in the distance

I'd seen these plants on our previous visit, and have since decided I liked them so luckily they were still there...
 They are ribbon plants, or curly spider plants.  I have some of the 'not curly', but thought these were a bit different.  And if you read the link, apparently fluoride (which is in our town water) is not good for them (is it good for anyone??), so I guess I'll be watering them with my filtered drinking water :)

Finished the baby blanket!  Now to get it in the due in 2 weeks!!

Made Apricot Chicken...
 only 3 doesn't get much simpler!

And served it with brown rice and lots of vegies...

Also baked some Anzac biscuits...

To munch on while crocheting another charity blanket and reading Sunlight through Dusty Windows.
I'm in Anabaptist mode at the moment and enjoying books by Amish/Mennonite women.  True stories by 'real' Amish/Mennonites.

And I'm dreaming of cool weather and more foggy mornings like on my walk one day this week...

Did you notice I changed my header photo?  In anticipation of cooler days.   
It was taken the same day as this one above.

On his same day, I walked past a man sitting on one of the seats down by the river, and said to him, "Don't you love the fog?!?!"  And he just looked at me (like I was weird?) and said, "Not really."

Oh.  Ok.

Hope you're getting some of what you love :))



  1. Lynda, I'll bet you knew he would say that! :D

    1. You mean not everyone loves the fog??? :)) xx