Friday, March 29, 2019

Fire, Food, Fog and Family

In summer my wood heater looks like this...

Now it looks like this...
I've moved my plants into the hall near my front door

And when I light it of an evening, it looks like this...

Now the food bit...
For the last 6? years I've been eating quinoa (with stewed fruit and yoghurt) for breakfast.  But even I (Little Miss Routine) am up for a change eventually.  So recently I decided to try buckwheat.  Actually I'm eating half and half at the moment. Have to make these changes gradually :)) ...
 buckwheat on the left, quinoa on the right

I cook it the same way I cook the quinoa.  Rinse, add twice as much water to buckwheat, bring to boil and then simmer till water is absorbed.

Then enjoy with stewed fruit (spiced apple), sheep yoghurt, and a couple of strawberries from the garden (the ones the birds didn't find)...

This morning I got to walk in fog...YAY!!!

Autumn is in the air!

Jefferson has bagged this blanket for Jaya's nursery, so will get it in the mail on Monday...

After a few false starts looking for some light reading, I pulled this one (ex library) off my book shelves last night, and am enjoying (again) it's simplicity and sweetness...

Hayley has requested some beanies for Hazel...
 Hazel by the creek (with stick)

I already had a small crocheted beanie in my stash, but not sure if it will be big enough, so knitting one to add to it, and hopefully get them in the mail on Monday also...

I think I've earnt a cup of tea and a lie down knit and read.

It's raining outside, so I'm going to light the wood heater and cosy in for the afternoon.



  1. I love the Miss Read books.

    1. Yes...they are a nice, gentle read :) xx

  2. I really enjoy Miss Read books, nicely written, an easy read, good escapism. Cute little Hazel, lovely smile. Your fire looks so inviting. We too have had rain, a lot of rain, that turned to snow overnight, and this morning everything had a light covering of white stuff. An early April Fool joke I think, and even at six in the evening the snow has yet to melt away. But never fear, the rest of the week has highs each day close to sixty, so we all hope this was winters last little farewell.
    Have a good week.


    1. Our seasons are in reversal. I hope you are enjoying some warm weather. We have had some lovely calm, sunny, autumn days, but today is grey and misty rain, so winter is not far away for us. It seems I stocked up on my firewood just in time. The wood heater might be lit a little earlier than usual, as I won't be venturing too far today.

      Yes...Hazel is certainly a cutie :) xx