Saturday, September 1, 2018

Weekend Words

How Smart?

I like innovation for all it can do.
It helps in our work and that really is true.
   But I'm bothered a lot by a syndrome I see;
   It's supposed to be "cool", but it gets next to me.
Each day we see children, big people, and teens,
Two thumbs on the keypad, eyes glued to the screen,
   It seems all important that they be connected,
   To whom and to what I have not yet detected.

But it's not to reality, I'm sure in my heart.
Though it's modern and "in", it doesn't seem smart.
   With an app on their phone and the phone in their hand,
   They wander unseeing through fantasy land;
Quite blind and unheeding with plugs in their ears,
It's nearly enough to bring one to tears.

   Our smart phones have ceased to perform as smart tools,
   I'm afraid they have made us a bunch of smart fools.

(By Gary Miller)

Just a thought...



  1. That is some true words! I have actually gotten strange looks from people that I do NOT have facebook on my phone and that I seldom carry it with me. I do have better things to do than have my face stuck in the phone all day!

    1. Technology can be good, but we need to make sure we control it and not let it control us!

      I don't use Facebook either, I've got better things to do with my time :)) xx

  2. I totally agree. I have just had 2 long haul flights yesterday. I am also astounded , at people's rush to check their phone, when flights have just landed. Then while couples & families are sitting in the waiting lounge , for next flight. No conversation, or even taking in the sights. They will all have neck problems from looking down. 🤔