Tuesday, September 4, 2018

On the home front

Just back from helping Marnie clean out her spare room for a friend coming to stay for a night or two.  She had these beautiful quilt tops that she had pieces ages ago and was getting rid of...

So of course I said I'd take them :).  They are being washed as I type becaue they had been stored away for a number of years and were a bit musty, then I will probably back them with polar fleece and hand quilt them.  I'm a bit over the knitting and crocheting I've been doing all winter, and I also found this cot quilt panel in my cupboard that I plan on backing with polar fleece and hand quilting...

But having said that, I do still need to have a knitting project on the go to do while watching DVDs (because I don't need to watch what I'm doing when knitting whereas with other handcrafts I do).  So I found this jumper I had started to knit many moons ago, and am undoing it.  Don't be too horrified, I'd only done the back :).  I decided I'd wear a cardigan more than I'd wear another a jumper, so am going to make the one below...
well....that's the plan... :)

...while re-watching a couple of DVDs I have, thanks to some recent blog posts by Pen re. the Amish and Hutterites.

And over the last couple of weeks I've been baking.

I  made these muffins...

Recipe here...
I did substitute some of the white flour with rye, buckwheat and almond meal, used a bit less sugar, and just used ordinary milk as I didn't have any buttermilk.  Also added a dash of mixed spice, allspice and cardamom.  I didn't ice them (just dusted with icing sugar), and next time I think I'd like to try adding some fruit, maybe blueberries, chopped apple or rhubarb?

Also made some Anzac biscuits...

And, surprise, surprise...I didn't change the recipe!!!
I undercook mine a bit, because I like them still a bit soft in the centre

I feel a headache coming on (easterly winds) so although there is much to do in the garden, I think I'll take it easy with some knitting.

Spring is in the air!



  1. Wow Lynda... at times you make me feel tired. The quilt tops from marnie look lovely. Polar fleece is a good backing , as you don't need wadding. Some lucky baby will receive this. Combined effort of aunty & grandma.

  2. I like the look of those DVDs. In combination with an Anzac biscuit and a cup of tea . . .

    1. The Hutterite documentary is the same as the one you mentioned on your blog, but I think the Amish one may be different. Haven't watched your version yet.

      Today it will be a cup of tea and carrot cake...just took one out of the oven :) xx