Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday night at the movies

I like Saturdays!!

I don't have to set the alarm to get up and get Denver ready for school.  I still wake up early (between 5 and 6), but know I don't have to get up if I don't want to :)

I make myself a cup of tea and take it back to bed to drink while I do my morning bible and devotional readings.

I usually then go for my river walk but it was raining this morning so I went to the supermarket instead (it opens at 7am and I like to go before it gets crowded).  I drove there today, as I do every couple of weeks to stock up, otherwise I just pick up a few things each day or as I need them on my way home from my walk.

When I got back with the shopping Marnie and Denver were just leaving for Denver's soccer game. 

I had breakfast (the standard quinoa, stewed apple, goat yoghurt and honey), then went to the Farmer's market.  They don't start selling till 8.30 so I had a bit of time to talk to the vegie man (he and his family are from Laos) and the wine lady (while doing a little tasting).

The weather was bad (rain and wind) so I grabbed what I needed then headed home...

A shower and cup of tea and then down to the library to return some books and pick up those I had reserved that had arrived...
This afternoon I've been catching up with chores here at home.
And tonight...Saturday night at the movies...
Actually it's Saturday night in front of the TV, but that didn't sound as good...
I don't watch much TV.  Just try to catch the news each night through the week, but I do like my Saturday night TV.  I only watch ABC (the non commercial channel...can't stand the commercials...or most of the programs on the other channels) and try and have tea over by 6.30 so I can sit down and watch...
2. News
3. Death in Paradise ( only like the current series with Kris Marshall in the lead role)
I'm usually ready for bed by then (8.30), read in bed for awhile...then lights out around 9pm.
Riveting stuff eh!!
I don't usually talk this much...I hope I haven't bored you :)
Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I like the little insight into you day.....Our container from Bangkok arrived this week so our Saturday will be spend organizing. The boys are happy to have their toys after 3 months. Dylan said it's like 10 Christmas' all at once. Natasha

  2. Hi Natasha :)

    You should have kept some of their toys packed away and given them to them at Christmas :))


  3. Sounds like a well spent day.

    1. Hi Bean - unfortunately it was the last episode of Death in Paradise :(