Saturday, May 10, 2014


A grey, wet, cold Saturday here today...

Made a quick trip to the library this morning to pick up some books I'd reserved that had come in...
This afternoon I've been winding my Winter Garden yarn into balls (using my super duper ball winder thingy)...

Browsing some magazines and crocheting squares to make into ??? 
Time for tea now...scrambled eggs on toast :)


  1. Cold and wet here today as well Lynda. Your yarns look great, where did you pick them up?

    1. Hi Sharm - I bought the yarn from Julie's online store:

      I've been crocheting more squares this afternoon :) xx

  2. Beautiful colour yarns - and what an interesting stack of books!
    I love the photo of you in the previous post of your family visit - it delights me that you look so well and at peace nowadays. x

    1. Hi Pen! Been crocheting up a storm with my yarn!

      And looking through the Nordic Interior Design book. I think that is the décor I will go for in my new house (IF I ever get to live in settlement date is now 1st June!). I love the clean, simple lines of the Nordic/Scandinavian style.

      You always say such nice things...yes...I am feeling well and at peace :)

      Thanks for visiting! I feel very privileged when a famous author like yourself takes the time to visit and comment on my blog!! xx

  3. Those yarns are very beautiful - all the colours go so well together. I just finished reading a Tracy Chevalier novel, The Last Runaway. I enjoyed it, though find fiction generally too un-relaxing at this time in my life. Strange but true.
    Your "fall colors" are far from grey!

    1. Hi Christine!

      I didn't actually 'choose' the colours. Iit was because I couldn't choose/decide which ones to buy...that I just bought one of each!

      Never was good at making decisions :)

      But.. yes.. they do all go well together.

      I read the Last Runaway also and really enjoyed it. And like you I am not much of a fiction reader. I try...but just find something lacking in most fiction books, although every now and then I do come across a good one.
      And in case you're are interested I read a very good one along similar lines to The last Runaway (about the Underground Railroad). It was called Redfield Farm by Judith Redline Coopey and although fiction is based on fact and her family's history and involvement in the Underground Railroad. I really enjoyed it!

      I much prefer true stories (biographies, memoirs, travel books...)

      Am into spiritual memoirs at present.

      It's a beautiful still, sunny, warm autumn/fall day here today!!