Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Out on the town was the city.  Launceston.

Marnie and Denver were away for 4 days, so Monday I went to Launceston on the bus for a morning out.  Had a few things I needed to buy, then browsed the bookshops (4 bookshops in Launceston).

Just as well they don't let me out too often!  I bought these...

I started reading that Part Was True on the bus trip home.  It was good.  So good that I finished reading it at 2am the next morning.  It has the sort of ending where you want to jump up, punch the air, and shout YES!!  But as it was 2am...I restrained myself.
Have started the Jojo Moyes book now.  I had not read any of her books until recently reading Me Before You.  Now I'm hooked.
 Also bought this little ceramic wall plaque.  It's only 2 1/2 inches across, but I thought it was cute.

Maybe not accurate...but a nice thought :)
 And over the weekend while I had the opportunity (after mowing the I didn't feel too guilty sitting down that evening with a glass of wine), I watched these...

Maid in Manhattan was good.  A romantic comedy...with a happy ending!!

And Blue Jasmine (which I had bought awhile back but hadn't had opportunity to watch) was very good.  Cate Blanchett was amazing, and being a Woody Allen movie, it had a bit of everything.  Sad,  funny, emotional, intense, entertaining...great movie!!

I've also started a new (like I really needed that) knitting project, but I'll save that for my Yarn Along post tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!!


  1. Sounds like you had the best day out Lynda!!! How nice to be able to enjoy a book and have the opportunity to sit up reading till 2am!!! lol Good on you....... I may need to check that book out
    As for Maid in Manhattan....... one of my favs xo

  2. Hi Sharm! was a lovely day :)

    I actually went to bed around 9pm, but then woke up at midnight, so decided to finish the book :))