Saturday, December 15, 2018

Out and about - Week 7

Saw us taking a day trip to Bridport on the coast in the northeast of TAS.

We enjoyed the coastal views as we ate our lunch...

 see the fisherman on the rock?

Then we went into the township on Andersons Bay at the mouth of the Forester river estuary...

We also found a walk track, in the bush on the edge of town, to explore (plus a spot of Geocaching)…

And finished with a walk along this beautiful beach...
deserted, but very windy

And on the drive home, a stop off at Sideling Lookout near Springfield to take in the view...
and the clouds

This week (8) my 'house guest' has taken himself off for some solo exploring so I am taking advantage of the 'home alone time' to relax and catch up on...  

whatever I like :)))



  1. My most favorite picture, "deserted, but very windy" it looks wild, yet so very, very peaceful.

    Peace be with you,


    1. Walking on deserted beaches is my favourite place to be! xx