Monday, December 3, 2018

Out and About - Week 5

Saturday we went to Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary...

Daughter Marnie and grandson Denver came too...

We saw...
 Cape Barren Geese

Wedge-tailed Eagles

 Tasmanian Devils

up close and personal

Got to pat the wombat...

Feed the wallabies (or is it a kangaroo??)...
Marnie and friend

See the joey in the pouch...
I think this is an Eastern Grey (Forester) Kangaroo, but there were also Bennetts Wallabies there.

Any experts out there who can confirm?

And before heading back in to Deloraine for a BBQ lunch, we took in the view...

The weather was perfect, unfortunately we are back to winter today, but it's supposed to improve tomorrow and for the rest of the week, so hopefully we'll get up to Cradle Mountain.



  1. It seems funny to see Tasmanian Devils lounging around, like they have nothing to be devilish about, although that one fellow is baring his teeth... How did they behave to you?

  2. They were enjoying the sunshine!

    They are quite timid around people, although can be aggressive with each other when feeding.

    I think the way they have been portrayed in movies/media etc is not really accurate, especially in overseas countries. xx

    1. Ha! I'm sure you're right - poor devils. ;-)

  3. Another series of excellent photographs, you have a good eye for a picture. Marnie looks radiant, and how old is Denver now. He is growing up into a very handsome young man.

    Peace be with you,


    1. Thanks Bean :)

      Denver is 16 now and learning to drive. Time sure does fly!! He's a good kid :) xx

  4. 16, what a great age, and that is crazy that he is that old already, truly time flies :)