Sunday, July 1, 2018

Weekend Words


St Marks Church spire, Deloraine, Tasmania

If in God’s starry universe there throbbed

No heart but His and mine, I would not plod

With eyes earthbound, hungry of soul, and robbed

Of a sweet sense of nearness to my God.

For mystic notes that issue from His soul

Would wing their shining way in singing showers

Into my waiting heart, when spared the toll

Of intercourse with men that waste my powers.

Alone with God! My soul, invite the art,

As One who climbed the heights alone to pray,

And in the gentle stillness, heart to heart,

Let Heaven’s dew transform this house of clay.

Oh, God is everywhere. Yes, God is here!

Only my faith is dim...the world too near.

(Edith Alice Bang)

from The Nut, Stanley, Tasmania


  1. Yes, it's true that our daily busyness and necessary communications with others will distract us from communing with God. One must always try to find the proper balance.

    1. Indeed! And that word 'balance' seems to be appearing frequently in my life at the moment. xx

    2. Oh! And I forgot to comment on what is so obvious - that beautiful photo up above of the church!

    3. That's the church I attend, and I always enjoy seeing the spire on my daily walks. xx