Thursday, July 5, 2018

July Yarn Along

My Yarn Along catch up for this month...

Sewing the blanket squares together...

But if I need a bit of colour, I've got my charity blanket squares I can be going on with...

Knitting more headbands for Bec's shop...

Reading interesting books from the library...

I'm reading Everything That Remains at the moment.  It's a sort of memoir/biography...the background on them.

Then I'll read Essential, which are essays from their website.

A quote from their book:

"Love people, use things.
The opposite doesn't work."

And enjoying wintery walks by the river...



  1. Those books look quite interesting! And the headbands so cozy for cold weather. I wish we were having winter now too! (It is ridiculously hot in the northern hemisphere right now)

    1. Hi Juliana! Yes...the books are interesting. Inspiring me to downsize even more (especially my clothes).

      It's cold here, and although I don't like the heat, I would be happy for a little sunshine at the moment :) xx

  2. Good morning... I really like the look of the brown edge on your squares. First photo.
    Worth that extra effort. Head warmers are good idea. Have you seen the beanies with a circular space on the crown , so that a pony tail can be pulled through. Love your blogs. Xxx

    1. Yes...saw the beanies you mentioned at the market yesterday. Interesting, but not sure if I like them. xx

  3. Looks like some good reading. And your yarnwork is awesome too!

    1. No excuse for not being busy during these cold winter months :) xx

  4. Gosh, those monochrome squares are beautiful!