Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This far...

After the rain...


And to balance out the cold and rain, last Saturday, Marnie and I went and had a coffee at the Field Rabbit, run by the brother of Bec at the Brush Rabbit (where I sell my winter woollies).  It's a sort of man cave (but not as dark as it appears in the photos)...
 Marnie pondering the future of the universe

 some of the 'boy stuff' (bikes, boats and hunting knives)

the gallery/art area

It's a great place for a coffee if you're ever in Deloraine.  And then take a visit just up the road to Bec's shop (which has more sort of 'girl stuff', but still very 'arty')

And Ben has graciously provide books to browse (for those of us who don't want to have to actually talk to each other).  I was browsing a Leunig book, and was tempted to ask Ben if he would get in some of these...

While Marnie considered this...

And then last night I watched the final episode of Justified...

Such a great series, but not for the squeamish or fainthearted.  I'm sure I'll watch it again because the characters are so complex, and the plot so convoluted that I think I only got half of it this time round!

Started reading this book by Tove Jansson last night, and knitting charity blanket squares...
Note: it's always important to colour co-ordinate your book cover with your knitting :)

Hope your day is going well.  

For me it's 'that time of day'...morning coffee!!!



  1. Hi Lynda - wow, quite a bit of water! Love the way the names of the shops work with each other and obviously have quite different personalities!

  2. That river is so much a part of your life there! Love the cartoons. :D