Monday, November 6, 2017

So then I thought...

I had these succulents in pots (they were here when I moved in), and they were looking a bit sad...

And I had some empty plant pots.  So then I thought...

Why not pot some up to bring inside...

And I had this spider plant in the shade house...

So then I thought...   Why not pot up some of the baby 'spiders'...
 will bring them inside when they grow a bit

I'd finished the blanket for Wrap with Love and was looking for another (mindless) project.

So then I thought...  Why not start a cot blanket ( in pastel colours) for KOGO...
 will need 25 x 10 inch diagonal squares

And had finished my second Ann Cleeves book. 

So then I thought...  Why not read another one...

And that's more than enought 'thoughts' for one day :)


  1. Your post is like the children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, LOL.
    I like succulents and spider plants. I just brought my geraniums, Gary and Gilbert, in for the winter. Do you name your plants? I have Doreen the philodendrom, she has been with me for about 20 years. I did have Penelope the Pointsetta, she lasted from last Christmas through to about September of this year and then suddenly dropped all of her leaves and died.

    The cot blanket is very cute.


    1. Hi Bean! I'm not familiar with that book. Have lost touch with children's books now that mine are all grown.

      No...don't name my plants...but it's a novel idea :))

      Are you still knitting? xx

  2. Haven't knitted all summer, but am getting the urge to knit a few sweaters for grandchildren. It us hard to knit at the moment,as I watch all nine grand children through the week, and seven of them are five and younger and someone is always into something. Lol.

    1. My wonder you don't have time to knit!! I think I would need to do at least a restore my sanity :)) xx