Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Following on from my previous couple of posts...

My cold is much better (the olive leaf extract is working its magic) and no headache this morning (yay!!), so went for an early walk (6.30), picked up a few things at the supermarket on the way home (it opens at 7am), and after breakfast I mowed the lawns!  It's getting too hot outside now, and I've used up my quota of energy for today, so it will be 'inside activities' for the rest of the day.

When I was sorting through my knit/crochet yarn boxes, I came across 2 unfinished projects....

This one I will make a bit larger and send off as a cot blanket to KOGO...

And these 4 squares I had started I will make into a throw for my bedroom...

I had been looking to buy some yarn to make a throw that would go with my summer quilt, a gift from Jefferson when he visited Cambodia. 
(You can read about how Mekong Quilts is helping underprivileged women in Cambodia and Vietnam HERE), but couldn't find the right coloured yarn (I wanted an aqua)...and then I found I already had this in the 'unfinished box'...
 the colours are a bit paler than I was originally intending, but I think I now prefer the paler softness with the brighter quilt colours

And my back issues of Anabaptist Voice publication arrived!!  You can subscribe or read online HERE...
a feast of good reading

Marnie finally emailed me the photos she had taken on her phone from our Penguin trip last week, so here ya go...

 on the coast road between Penguin and Ulverstone

 the sea!

 the sea!!

 the sea!!!


 Penguin Uniting Church

 Cocoon...my fav shop in Penguin

the obligatory photo in front of the big penguin :)
We walked.  We ate.  We shopped.  We came home.
I wanna go back again!!!


  1. No headaches - yay! And she immediately mowed the lawn. :D