Saturday, October 28, 2017

Catch up

Have been without internet access for 3 days (how did we ever live without it ?!?!), so this is a bit of a catch up...

Had a lovely visit from my niece on Thursday.  Hadn't seen her for 9 years.  She lives in Sydney and this was her first trip to Tasmania.  So we got to catch up for a couple of hours, and then, as she only has a few days here, she was off on her travels...
 daughter Marnie, niece Cassie, and 'yours truly'

Friday (yesterday) I spent hours working in the garden, so didn't go for a river walk. 

We had rain overnight, and this morning everything was looking fresh and green, so I took my camera with me...

  new bright green leaf growth
 early morning peace...

 ...and quiet

Finished my charity blanket.  Need to package it up and mail to Wrap With Love...

Also finished reading THIS book from the library...

I hadn't read any of Ann's books before, although I knew of her writings from the Vera and Shetland TV series.  I really enjoyed the book, so picked up 2 more from the library this morning, although they are from the Vera series so may not enjoy them quite so much as the setting of the Shetland books is a big draw for me :)
So there you have it...all caught up! 
Time for some late lunch. 
Oh...and speaking of food, I made a Dutch Ginger Cake during the week ( pic...we ate it all!!), but the recipe is HERE.  (I did add some macadamia nut pieces to the recipe)
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Nine years - such a long time to not see a dear niece!

  2. Lynda,

    You are looking very well, positively glowing :)

    Have you ever made marmalade cake? The reason I ask, my father, who is 78, always talks about the amazing marmalade cake his mother would make, but she never shared the recipe. I have googled recipes for marmalade cake and made them for my dad, but they are never what he remembers of his mothers cake. Anyway, you like to bake, and I just thought I would ask.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your springtime weather,


    1. Hi Bean - lovely to hear from you! From what I've seen on your blog you are keeping very fit, healthy and active too :))

      Sorry...can't help with the marmalade cake, but if I come across anything...I'll let you know.

      Take care friend! xx

  3. I love that blanket - have never seen anything quite like the use of variegated yarns with that pattern of stitch. The result is so pretty!

    1. I was really surprised and happy at the way it turned out. So much so, that I'm knitting another one :) xx