Thursday, February 16, 2017

Catmint Cottage

Catmint is my favourite plant...

The bees love it too...

So I have decide to call my house Catmint Cottage!  The front garden beds are bordered by catmint which I have spent the morning pruning...

Still have the other side to do...

I'm hoping to get another flowering from it before winter.

So then it was inside for lunch...Fried Rice with Cashews...

Here's what I did:   fried/sauted chopped onion, garlic and some grated (fresh) ginger in a little olive oil.  Added chopped carrot, celery and capsicum and some frozen peas and corn.  Added a little water and put the lid on to steam vegies a bit to soften slightly.  Pushed to one side of pan and poured in one (or you could use two) beaten eggs and stirred and cooked.  Added cooked brown rice and mixed all together.  Added a small amount of sesame oil (the flavour is quite strong so don't use too much) and soy sauce to taste.  Lastly, added roasted, unsalted cashews, lots of chopped parsley and freshly ground pepper.   Voila!  Bon appetit!!

And for Yarn Along this week...

Working on another baby blanket for charity.
Reading How the Weather Affects your Health (from the library) and For His Honour (from the church library).
"Look all around, there's nothin' but blue skies
Look straight ahead, there's nothin' but blue skies"
Enjoying a Sun Shiny day!!


  1. Love your yarn colours - gorgeous! Both your books look very interesting.

    1. Hi Jayne! Just using up yarn that I had here, but I have to agree, the colours do look pretty together :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Pen! I will definitely be planting more catmint...I love the softness and delicateness (is that a word??) of the colour, leaves and flowers.

      Hope you are travelling well... :) xx

  3. So - does the weather affect our health? That's interesting. I know we often blame the weather for all sorts of things...
    It's wonderful to have a name for your home, and a cottage is the best kind of place! But you haven't mentioned how the local cats like your catmint.

    1. I believe it does. I know it affects my migraines/headaches :(

      It's catnip that the cats go crazy over. Both catmint and catnip are members of the Nepeta family (according to my Jekka McVicar Herb book), but cats seem to be attracted to the catnip more than the catmint. Catnip is a much larger plant with pink/white flowers where as catmint is a more compact/pretty border plant with mauve flowers. I haven't seem any cats around, but with dogs in the house yards either side of me that could be keeping them away...

      My herb book also says catnip is the poor man's substitute for cannabis! (Not speaking from experience...) xx

  4. Surely he meant the poor *cat's* substitute. LOL